Health stuff:  I took Ike for the ultrasound of his noggin this morning. Of course it will be a few days before the radiologist reads the images and gets the information back to the pediatrician’s office, so we don’t really know anything yet, other than that he is still the offspring of a big-headed father, so I am not too nervous about that.  Just glad that his fontanel is still open enough that they could do an ultrasound and not have to knock him out for an MRI.  Still no word from the hepatologist’s office in Cincinnati about the latest round of bloodwork. Not sure if I should call them and ask, or assume they just wanted it as a new baseline and I’ll hear from them after we repeat it next month.  Again, not too nervous about it since the doctor was so reassuring.

Halloween stuff:  Our Beggar’s Night (do they still call it that, or is it back to Trick or Treat?) was postponed due to the icky weather, so we’ll be dressing Ike up to hand out candy on Saturday instead of last night.  We did go to a friend’s kids Halloween party on Friday, but it was so warm in the house that he only had his Tigger outfit on for a few minutes.  Didn’t even get a picture, so we’ll have to try that and the panda outfit both on Saturday.  He’ll surely drool and/or spit up at least enough to justify that wardrobe change.

Mike and I did go to an adults’ party on Saturday.  He recycled his Dick Cheney mask from several years ago, and I cobbled together a Toddlers & Tiaras costume using my sister’s tutu from the box of old dance recital costumes in my parents’ basement, the tiara from my bachelorette party, pigtails, excessive (for me) eye makeup and one of Ike’s future sippy cups.  Plus my I FUCK LIKE A GIRL t-shirt because, well, seems legit, right?

There was beer, and plenty of it:


I’ve misplaced my sippy cup, but I think I like this better!


Aren’t we cute?

Supply stuff:  have been having a fairly significant dip in my pumping output, and have been trying many things to get back on track. Thankfully Ike has only had to have one or less partial bottles of formula on really low days to tide him over.  I hate that he’s had any, but it’s not enough to diminish the benefits of breastmilk, I’m sure.  I ended up breaking down and buying a new pump.  The one my friend loaned me had already been through three babies, so I think I was lucky to have gotten as far as I did with it.  The new one is helping, though I’m still not ending up with much of a surplus every day.  I think it’s partially hormonal (maybe my period is about to come back? Eeeeeeeek!), and partially stress-related, and was exacerbated at first by a failing pump.  I started calcium/magnesium supplements, which I should have done while I was off dairy anyway, have been trying to add an extra pumping session at work whenever I can, and am drinking Mother’s Milk tea like a fiend until my fenugreek and blessed thistle arrive via Amazon.  Hoping I’ll be able to ramp back up to get a few extra bottles in the fridge again on a regular basis.  They never hang around long enough to be worth putting into the freezer anymore, so I just try to rotate FIFO at my parents’ house, and anything left on a Friday, of which there was almost none last Friday, can come home for the weekend, letting Mike take an overnight shift on occasion.

Development stuff:  my mom said that Ike’s been showing off a new consonant, and it’s M!  He’s been saying MEH, which cracks me up, because…that’s so my kid.  Not that I really think he means it like I would like to interpret it, but funny all the same.


So perhaps there’s a chance that Mama will end up being his first word after all.  I haven’t yet actually heard him say this myself, but I can’t imagine that my mom would tell tall tales.  She also noted that he enjoyed seeing his first snowflakes yesterday.  They usually walk her dog every morning, but since it was so miserable outside they just took her out in the yard instead of taking the stroller around the block. A few flakes fell on his face and he smiled.  Hopefully we won’t have a totally snow-free winter like we did last year, and he’ll be able to really enjoy some snow as he gets bigger over the next several months.

That’s all for now, I suppose.  Oh!  Tonight I get to go meet and visit with my friend’s sister’s newborn baby girl.  I think she’s only threeish weeks old, and I cannot wait.  I have a total newborn addiction anymore.  So grateful to be able to enjoy things like this now.  There was a time not so very long ago when I would never consider doing such a thing, because it would just have made me too jealous and upset.  Yet now I’m excited and looking forward to hearing her birth story and passing on some cloth diaper geekery (and supplies).  Fun!

Hope you’re all faring well if you were in or near Sandy’s path.

Fist Pumping and Face Humping

What a weekend.  Started off salty, Friday was a bad day at the office.  Super bad.  Without the spermicidal lube, even.  But we made up for it.  After being unable to restrain ourselves from car dancing, table dancing, yardwork dancing, etc..

Word Up
…we decided we’d better just go dancing.  So for the first time in many, many a year…I showered, dressed, and made up at approximately eleven PM on a Saturday night and took my happy arse out on the town.  Girls’ night! 
Dancing shoes!

‘kay, I’m ready!
Screaming Amyface

Practice dance

Let’s do this thang!

We started off in the Oregon District, one drink at Newcom’s.  I hate that place.  Meat market.  Makes me feel old.  Made me feel old when I used to go in and drink with a fake ID.  Just very…childishish.  I believe it was best put, “I cannot even believe all these douchebags.  Everywhere I look:  DOUCHEBAG.”

The douchebags…they’re watching!

Yeah, so let’s GTFOOH.  Kthxcyabai.  Onto Masque!  Yay.  Now that was fun.  It’s a gay bar, with a much better atmosphere.  Can you say drag show?  Good times.  Plus, you know, all the pretty, pretty gay men running around with spiky hair and tight shirts and making out in dark corners.  Hotness.  Heeeheeeee!  Strobe lights and bootyshaking commences!  Also, tipping the fine ladies on stage.  Who take that dollar and give you a face full of tranny crotch in exchange.  Well, not me, but them.  Hiiiiiiighlarious.  So sad I missed out on that.

Lean back

 Suffice it to say, it was a good time.  Photo credits to DROID.


So, (dammit, I gotta quit that.  Thanks to whomever submitted that to FFF, rereading it was pretty hilarious if I do say so myself.  Maybe because I was there, but still) I’m sitting out on the patio looking at some flowers.  That grew.  Sweet.  Tits.  Sweet tits!  Anyway…still too lazy to actually retrieve the camera and take any photos,  so this little background change thing can suffice for now.  But, mental note – do that.  Lazy gardening is almost kinda working.  I like it.  I was all into documenting it last growing season, but this year, frankly, the thought of growing anything, or working too hard to do so anyway…squick.  Ew.  In fact, I was TRYING to be somewhat halfassedly systematic about the seeds I had left from last year to plant.  I set the big packet thing on the rock…went to get water or a rake or something…and the wind smacked it over and spilled it.  Oops.  So I just scooted what I could over into the dirt and covered it up.  See, lazy gardening.  It works.  I like it.  Pretty things to look at, and yummy things to eat.  I’ll drink to that.  Leftover wine is also good.  Cheers!

Crap!  You know what I hate??  MOSQUITOES!!  What eats those?  LET’S GET SOME.


Let’s get listy:

  • Forget the camera?  Check.  Boo.  Oh well.  Will have to be patient for pictures.
  • Fancy cabin in the middle of nowhere, yet near enough to all the fun stuff?  Check.  Yay for hiking (short distances)!
  • River rafting?  Mmmmkay, why not?  All kinds of reasons, but we did it anyway.  Hilarity ensues.  Intoxicants and paddling don’t mix, you know.
  • Pontoon boating?  Oh hell yes.  Goooooood times.  Climbing up a rock face slash cliff slash what the hell ever?  Uhhhhh.  Seriously?  Seriously.  Mmmmkay, if you say so!  
  • Hot tubbing?  Oh hell yes.  Very nice.  
So about the only things we didn’t get to do were find the pool and a real sandy beach on the lake (we improvised on the last one, leading to the second part of the second to last bullet up there), so I’d say we crammed about as much fun into a girls’ weekend in Cumberland as humanly possible.  Success and silliness, much.  Glad I went, but also very nice to be back home in my usual stomping grounds.