Bitter Infertiles Returns – With Your Help

You may or may not remember Bitter Infertiles, a podcast about ladyparts.  It was great.  I miss it, every single time I scroll through my podcast subscriptions and see the little Allie Brosh meme-icon.


Sounds like it’s coming back – though details are TBD.  Please go read Mo’s post, and let her know if you want to be part of the next generation (seewaddeyedidthere) of bitter infertile podcasting. Cristy also has some things to say about the void left without the continuation of this podcast.

Yes, I think there was some drama regarding the fact that at one point, all the hosts were pregnant at once…and then, there weren’t any more episodes.  It was sad.  BUT THERE CAN BE MORE.  Perhaps, and perhaps most likely, orchestrated by people (I should backspace and write women, but if men wanted to be in on it too I think that would be very cool) still in the trenches.

Having a baby via your own body or someone else’s, or adopting, or coming to terms (or not) with living child-free/less, or resolving your infertility in some other way does not render one magically fertile, so I was never personally taken aback by the former hosts’ pregnancies (admittedly, perhaps due in part because Ike was born a few months before the first episode was up). Regardless, I am more than okay with this invaluable resource being revived, in whatever way possible. Bitter infertiles, resolved or not, unite!

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