One Year

I wanted to put this up again, as I am thinking today especially of Mo and Nadav and Baby-lon 5, and of Marwil and Samuel, and of Anna and her little one, and of all babylost mamas.
I am still angry that your lives are not now as they were once imagined, and I promise to never, ever forget your children.  There are times that I feel so very guilty for having been lucky.  I wish that there were something, anything, that I could do that would actually help make it better.  Instead, I abide with you, always.

Eight Months

Dear Baby Ike,

Today you are eight months old. It probably doesn’t help that I posted my last monthly letter to you a little late, but I’m a little astounded as to how another month has already passed. Time continues to fly by, and we are definitely having lots of fun.

You had another visit with the hepatologist late last month, so we got an update on your height and weight. You were eighteen pounds and five ounces, and 26 inches long. Getting so big! Just like you’re supposed to do. Growing like a little weed, as Grandma always says.

You are still doing lots of rolling – both directions now, and scooting all around in circles, but no actual crawling yet. I am in no hurry for that to start, but I think you are getting close. We’ve added pears and apples to your foods list, both of which are hits, especially the apples. Green beans are most definitely NOT a favorite, but apparently they do make bananas more acceptable in comparison. Grandma also gives you some Cheerios most weekdays, and you do manage to get some to your mouth all on your own. You do like the activity of eating, even if you don’t love many actual foods themselves yet. Some of the faces you make are so funny. You do this big dramatic shudder if you don’t like the new taste, almost as if we gave you a shot o’ whiskey or something. Cracks me up every time.

You continue to make lots of funny babbling sounds, the latest of which is the blowing raspberries sound, bbbbbbbbb. Sometimes you do it super loudly, and sometimes I have to laugh at just how quietly you can make that motorboat noise. Daddy says that it sounds like George Jetson’s spaceship. Someday soon we’ll show you what that is all about. It’s not something you’re likely to ever see on TV, but luckily the Internet makes all kinds of wonderful and ridiculous things possible.

It’s been another fun month with you, Isaac. I can hardly believe that we are getting so close to your first birthday. It will be here before I can imagine, but I will keep trying to soak up as many small moments with you as possible in the meantime.

Love always,

Way Back Machine Memory Jogger

The title above is the subject line of an email my dad sent to me and my siblings a few days ago, and it is definitely apt.  The email contained two links to You.Tube videos of this crazy song, apparently from the 70s, that we found absolutely hilarious as little kids.  What can I say?  We are a bunch of weirdos.  Memories like this from my childhood are one of the many things that make me hopeful that we’ll be able to give Ike a sibling someday in the not-too-awfully-distant future, so he can have someone to share giggles and peals of laughter with, creating memories with his own family’s strange silliness.  Not to say that I’m really anywhere near ready to start taking action now toward that end, or even soon, but it serves as a reminder not to wait too long, either.  It still feels like a greedy thought to imagine another baby coming into our lives, and I don’t assume that it will definitely happen, but I am hopeful enough to allow myself to think about it from time to time.  I love the idea of Ike having a little brother or sister with whom he can someday look back on the funny things they remember from childhood.  He needs someone else who’ll “get” how weird his parents are, and thus are probably going to make them.  I would rather there not be a huge age gap between siblings, so they’ll be able to relate to one another (though I’m sure not always) but again, I know that we certainly don’t always get our druthers when it comes to family building.

Here is the video that gave me such a flashback/flash-forward (skip to the two minute mark if you want to go right to the song – but the first two minutes do contain some supreme oddness that I think is worth watching!):

Fish heads, fish heads,
Rolly-polly fish heads,
Fish heads, fish heads,
Eat them up, yum!

Fish heads, fish heads,
Rolly-polly fish heads,
Fish heads, fish heads,
Eat them up, yum!

In the morning,
Laughing happy fish heads,
In the evening,
Floating in the soup!


Ask a fish head
Anything you want to,
They won’t answer,
They can’t talk!


I took a fish head
Out to see a movie,
Didn’t have to pay
To get it in!

They can’t play baseball,
They don’t wear sweaters,
They’re not good dancers,
They don’t play drums!


Rolly-polly fish heads
Are never seen drinking cappicino
In Italian resturaunts,
With Oriental women, yeah!

{Chorus x four}



I am still laughing at “they don’t wear sweaters, they aren’t good dancers….”

What oddball things from your childhood would you like to pass along to your own child(ren)?  Do you share certain things with your sibling(s), if you have them, that instantly have you laughing, but would make no sense to anyone else?