Five Months

Dear Baby Ike,

Yesterday you turned five months old.  This week also brought your first case of the sniffles, which probably concerned your parents more than it did you.  A few snotty sneezes, a crusty nose here and there, and some serious booger action, but thankfully no fever or anything else.  You’ve maintained your fairly even keel through the whole thing. I’m sure you’ll make up for it in your coming months and years, but so far you have really taken it easy on us.  I have either blocked most of it out (possible, but doubtful), or I could count on perhaps one and a half hands how many times you’ve fussed for no eventually apparent reason or cried for any longer than seems reasonable.  Very cool of you, kiddo.  Please don’t think that it goes unnoticed or unappreciated that you are such a happy baby.

You continue to do cute baby things, which though expected and perfectly normal, somehow astound me nevertheless.  Such as, finding your feet.  AMAZING.  Ridiculous, right?   But I’m pretty sure that is exactly how it’s supposed to be, for us and for you.  You’re not rolling over on your own with any regularity yet, maybe once or twice mostly accidentally, but you love to be rolled from side to side, and there is perhaps nothing better than standing on one of our laps and bouncing and jumping.  Your squeals of delight are the best sound I could ever hope to have fill our home.  (I’m leaning on Grandma to look for a Jolly Jumper or the like on sale – pretty sure that’d be the best Christmas present evah in your book right now.)  You’re babbling more and more with us every day, or as Grandma puts it, singing us all songs.

If you don’t end up being a dog person, I’ll be mystified.  You’re fascinated by Dexter, as well as Maggie, Grandma and Grandma’s doggie.  She’s become your little weekday buddy, barking to welcome you every morning and giving you something cute and furry to keep your eye on all the time.  Thanksgiving will be great for you, as Aunt Susie and Uncle Chris will be bringing their crazy puppy, Piccadilly, as well as Uncle Mikey and Aunt Steph’s dog, Maynard.  DOG PARTY! Hopefully we’ll manage to get some video of you taking all that commotion in, because I’m willing to bet their antics will crack you up.

We’re getting ever closer to your half-year mark, which will open up the door to the great big world of food for you.  I am equally excited and apprehensive, but I expect you’ll pace yourself and make some adorably disgusting messes that will quickly ease my angst.  Daddy is super excited, as he’s all about cooking up some delicious things whenever he has the chance, and I know he can’t wait to share that enjoyment with you.  I don’t know yet if I’ll get talked into giving you a dab of mashed potatoes or anything else at Thanksgiving, but by Christmas you’ll probably have three or four things on your little mini-menu.  It’s going to be so much fun!

It goes without saying, but it seems silly not to say it anyway – we love you so much.




2 thoughts on “Five Months

  1. Misfit Mrs. says:

    Happy 5, Ike!

  2. Chelsea Hull says:

    I love the way to write. You make me tear up everytime. Thank you.

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