So This Is WordPress

And what have I done?  I broke the cardinal rule of blogging. Thankfully I am not getting dooced, but ’twas really dumb all the same, so I’m moving everything that used to be here, where I can password protect individual posts (password will be readily available for the asking so long as I can be reasonably sure that you’ve no malicious intentions) instead of going with a blanket password protection for the whole blog.

This whole thing has left my brain a little sore.  I don’t think that I have heaps of readers and/or commenters, but I do hope I can manage to…well, manage, the migration without losing anyone who would still like to read my drivel.  The little RPL/ALI community that I’ve come to know and love has been absolutely invaluable to my progress, so the last things I want are to inadvertently exclude anyone else in the community from this blog  or to inadvertently exclude my blog from the community (but I do need to, you know, stay employed and shit).  So, I figure I should send a blurb to LFCA, ask Mel to update my blogroll link, let PAIL know…anything else you can think of?  Also – if any of you have moved from Blogger to WordPress and have any helpful hints, I’d love to hear them.  There appear to be many more options, bells, whistles, etc. and it’ll likely take me forever to figure out how to take advantage of most of them. I think I figured out the import thing; looks like most of what I want to be here is, so I suppose I’m off to a decent start!


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