The GI clinic left me a message earlier today saying that Ike’s blood test from Saturday looked better.  So that’s good!  They said to continue breastfeeding (phew), which we of course had already done.  Or, rather, he had at least started getting breastmilk via bottle again.  I am finding it hard to get into a rhythm with pumping and matching it to his feeding patterns and timing it all right.  Seems like half the time, even when we are together, I end up pumping because he just had a bottle (granted, it’s great to occasionally get longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep), or he ends up having a bottle because I just pumped.  Chicken and egg, I guess.  I am basically still letting him tell us when he’s hungry (and sleepy, for that matter).  I think it’s less stressful for all of us to not try to get him to stick to a real schedule yet (I’m not really a scheduleish person, so that helps, I’m sure).  Luckily, he most often sleeps through the night, so naps and feedings and snacks can still be random and on-demand, at least for a little while longer.  What’s going to be weird is that his daytime schedule will basically end up being set by my mom.  Since he’ll be with her five days out of seven, whatever works for her is what will be best.  On one hand that’s nice; I don’t have to worry about figuring it out myself, but on the other hand…it kinda sucks.  I wish I had the option of being the one to have to figure it out.  Le sigh.  I was actually sort of happy at the dumb mistake I made this morning: when dropping Ike off at my mom’s, I forgot to unload the stroller out of the back of my car.  They use it every morning to take the dog for a walk (um, that’s a weird sentence construction…the baby goes in the stroller, not the dog), so when I took an early lunch to bring it back to them I got to feed him.  Or, at least top him off (he’d just had a bottle, natch).  So nice to get that midday bonus cuddle and nurse him into his nap. Very much did not want to come back to work after that.  Le double sigh.

Anyway, yes.  Improvement is good.  We have to retest again in three weeks.  I’m still playing phone tag with the nurse to find out if we need to make an appointment with the hepatologist in Cincinnati.  I’m hoping not, but that may depend on the retest in three weeks.  Er – they just called back.  Yes, will depend on the retest numbers, but in the meantime we are supposed to keep our follow-up appointment with the NP next Monday.  I’m not sure how that will go, but I suppose it’s good to get another weight check at least. He’s getting so stinking big!  I would think that would be the best indicator of a properly functioning digestive system, but if we need to step it up with the hepatologist, the GI says it would be to rule out any infectious or inflammatory processes or problems with his bile ducts.  That’s all well and good, I suppose.  I would just like to minimize those awful blood draws and not get any more invasive, pleeeeeeease.  The bills are now rolling in, too, and that’s certainly not fun.  I haven’t even looked at them, honestly, but there have been plenty of envelopes in the mailbox.  Our only hope is that maybe being a children’s hospital they will be accommodating of our brokeness and let us set up a payment plan.  Otherwise, we are going to be fucked. Stupid high-deductible health insurance.  Better than nothing, probably, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when you’re beyond covered preventive care.

Whatever.  We’ll survive, one way or another.  I guess if we end up eating beans and rice for the short or long term, at least there’s neither dairy nor soy in that!  I am leaning toward believing that neither of those is the issue, but I’m loathe to move on to gluten or corn at this point.  What will be left?  Ah, yes – bacon and potatoes!  Or at least potatoes.  I hear that this summer’s drought may bring us a bacon shortage. Egads.

In cuter news, my friend is now fairly obsessed with photography and keeps adding to her stash of gear. This equals ridiculously cute photos of Ike, and plenty of them!  Will share lots once I get them, but in the meantime enjoy this little bit of nonsense:

Hope your week is off to a good start.  If not, I recommend a mustachioed nap – it works wonders around here.


5 thoughts on “Reprieve

  1. Heather says:

    Ok, well that's good for now, hope those blood tests stay good. You sound better about it, though, even though those bills suck.

  2. Thanks! Yes, good news always helps to hear, even if it costs a pretty penny to get it!

  3. Yay for good news! And what a sweet picture.

  4. gwinne says:

    Oh my goodnesss…hilarious pic! Thanks for stopping by my blog.Sorry to hear about the gi/liver issues. Elim diets suck. Been there, done that (and probably doing it again!)

  5. Thanks, and of course! Yeah, will ask tomorrow whether I should move onto eliminating gluten and/or corn (eek). Going to be a very spare holiday-food season if so, but I suppose I've survived way worse things.

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