I keep thinking about composing a post reviewing the dairy-free, soy-free things I “treated” myself to in an effort to lessen my hate for this woeful lack of cheese and half-and-half in my diet, but it’s just too depressing for right now.  I will try to buck up and maybe spell all that out for you this weekend.  I know, I’m sure it’s all you’ll be able to think about until then.

Instead, please enjoy these photos of my adorable child (photo credit to my mom).  He’s so much better than cheese, anyway (especially “cheese” made from – get this – arrowroot and tapioca.  Sob!).





2 thoughts on “Substitutes

  1. I have two words for you: peanut butter.I've been living on the stuff. It's high fat, sweet and creamy … almost makes me forget I can't have anything baked or delicious or sweet or moreish.What are you missing the most? For me it's the convenience of just grabbing something while I'm out. I now look longingly at sushi bars and sandwich shops as I rush back to my home-made wrap.What I don't mind? Fitting into my skinny jeans much earlier than I expected!x

  2. Yes! I need to get a jar that's not made with hydrogenated soybean oil. That should help. I miss Italian food – anything baked with that cheesy, golden-brown crust on top (breadcrumbs and olive oil come close, but no real cigar). Tomatoes and garlic go a long way, but the absence of creamy is kinda killing me. The convenience thing is rough, too – even fast food sounds better than it ever has before, just because I can't have it! I'm still a few pounds away from the skinny-skinnies, but I'm sure I'd be even farther away if I were still able to have all the dairy fat I used to!

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