Two Weeks

We had Ike’s two week checkup yesterday.  He is up to 7 lbs, 9.4 oz!  He also grew two inches, to 20. Given that he was down to six pounds even at his four day checkup (6 lbs, 10 oz at birth), I’m thrilled with that increase.  Go, boobs, go.  I’d add formula in a heartbeat if it needed to happen, but I’m so thankful to not have that added expense right now.  We’ll see how long I can keep up.  I haven’t consulted a lactation specialist yet because it’s getting better with every latch, but I surely won’t say that it’s been painless or that it’s necessarily intuitive.  At least it’s working!

So Ike’s doing great.  His poor parents, though, may be teetering on the edge a bit.  We got hit with the derecho thing (we’re not too far from where the video in the linked NPR story was shot) on…Friday night?  I totally don’t know what day it is anymore.  But yes, we did one night in the dark, which wasn’t terrible.  Kind of sweet, really.  Reminded me that it was thundering (and I assume lightning, though I didn’t look out a window once we got into our room) the night Ike was born.  It had cooled down after the storm rolled through, so it was fine to open the windows and sit in the dark and rock the baby.  Changing diapers by candlelight, however, is not advised (not even sure if it was Mike or me that changed that particular one because we didn’t see it until morning, but I’m SO glad whoever it was picked the couch with a machine-washable slipcover).  So we went to my parents’ house the next day, along with all our cold/frozen food worth trying to salvage, and were still there when Mike’s parents arrived into town.  Le sigh.  My parents were lucky enough to keep power the whole time, so we changed plans and had dinner at their house rather than ours.  It’s all kind of a blur…eventually it came back on, and Mike’s parents helped us drive all our food back to our house, then went back to their hotel for the night.  While they were over hanging out the next day, however, we lost power yet again when the next wave came through.  It was too hot and humid to be able to sleep, and I did not want to repeat the diapers in the dark deal, so we packed up yet again and hauled it back down the interstate to my parents’ house.  Ugh.  It finally came back on at about 10:30 last night, just as we had come back home again to restock on diapers and blankets and clothes for ourselves and the baby.  So we stayed here last night, and Mike went back for Dexter and the food this morning.  I’m so tired.  I should take a nap now while I can, but is it just me or is it hard to fall asleep with your in-laws sitting in your living room?  Maybe I’m not tired enough, then?  
It’s been a little stressful, to say the least.  I’ve kind of lost my awesome childbirth/oxytocin high, and sort of just want to throttle my husband, to be perfectly honest.  Our masterful communication skills (ha) sort of evaporated in the heat when the air conditioning died, and I’m sure we’ll find what’s left of them again at some point, but at present it feels like it’s going to be a long week and jeezus it’s only Tuesday, isn’t it?  I hate, hate, hate, loathe with the fiery intensity of a billion suns that I’m wishing my son’s third week of life to pass more quickly, because I’m already nostalgic for when he was a pound and a half smaller and I wish I’d been able to savor more of the early moments, but I’m also just about worn the fuck out and am not feeling so hospitable at this point, sadly.
Okay, vent over.  Big picture – all is well.  Will try not to sweat the small stuff.  Hopefully our Independence Day will be a fun one.  

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