No. More. Needles. Seriously, this time. I mean it.

One of the many great things about the hospital birth center option is that they don’t necessarily keep you a mandatory 48 hours or more after birth.  Once Ike was seen twice by a pediatrician and I spoke with a midwife about how I was feeling about breastfeeding and my own recovery, we were all released on Tuesday and home by about four pm (yes, after giving birth at 3:23 am on Monday).  I didn’t think much about Ike being sorta sleepy; from what I’d read newborns tend to be that way for a couple of days, then they start perking up with the screaming and squalling and never sleeping again.  Turns out we also had some jaundice going on, and thus the lethargy – have had to take him daily either to the lab or to the pediatrician’s office for heel sticks to check his bilirubin levels.  He’s been taking it rather well, thankfully, but the last trait I needed him to get from me was a tolerance for being a pin cushion!  I’ve been nursing as often as I can catch him awake (or close enough to it) and we’ve been taking him outside to soak up some sunshine for 30 second spurts throughout the days, and it seems to be working.  Today’s number plateaued, so the pediatrician is reassured enough that we do not have to bring him back again unless it seems like he’s regressing (eating less, being less active/awake, not wetting and dirtying diapers as often). Thankfully he never had to go under the bili lights and be admitted at the NICU (the possibility was mentioned once). That would have made me feel awful, since basically all he needs is my boobs to do their job to push the bilirubin out of his system.  Keep it up, boobs!

Skin to skin and snore therapy with Dad


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