Eventually did get sent home yesterday, thankfully.  Took them what seemed like all day, but we left with instructions to drink a gallon of water a day (!!), and a note to be off work until at least six weeks postpartum (!!).  The midwife said that was actually negotiable after I have a repeat ultrasound on Thursday and see the doctor to review it, but I do at least have some down time coming.  I was again surprised by that.  Not complaining, definitely.  Going to work every day lately has frankly felt like a colossal waste of my time and energy, so four days to take it easy and do some stuff around the house sounds perfect.  Losing any time from my leave does not sound so perfect, but we’ll see what I can work out.  Perhaps I can work part-time from home or something.  I don’t mind doing what I can from my couch, but unfortunately a lot of the day-to-day stuff on my plate requires a physical presence (or others to scan and email an awful lot of extra paperwork, and that hardly seems fair to ask).  So we’ll see.  Trying not to stress too much about that part.  Not worth it, at this stage of the game!  And at least it’s not bed rest, so I can still do stuff, just need to make sure I drink tons of water and take it relatively easy.  Pay attention to contractions and anything else that should rear its head.  Mike is actually in a friend’s wedding this afternoon, so I should probably start trying to get ready now, since I feel like I’m still moving at the speed of molasses.  I’m fairly sure I have at least one dress that still fits, but shoes are going to be a challenge. Pretty sure I’m going to end up in some cheapo flip flops even if I manage to start out in some cute heeled sandals.  I suppose that’s acceptable for approximately nine and a half months pregnant!



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