Open mouth, insert foot

So.  I may or may not have said something a few posts back about the end of the heparin injections, which I discontinued a week ago along with the aspirin, being my last encounter with a needle for this pregnancy since my beta strep culture came back negative.  Well.  If I did, that was a dumb thing to say.  I’m sure I’ve said it, even if I didn’t write it.  Dumb.  Very dumb.

Writing this from the antepartum unit at the hospital.  My NST this morning was great, perfect, stellar. The ultrasound this afternoon, however, showed low fluid levels (5).  So the peri sent me to L&D for IV hydration.  From there, even though the baby still looked great on the monitor, they decided to keep me overnight for observation, continuing IV fluids, and they’ll do another scan tomorrow to recheck the fluid. My OB came by and agreed with me that it seems like overkill (I can’t help but wonder how many perfect pregnancies have the exact same fluid level at 38 weeks but don’t raise alarm since they aren’t monitored weekly by ultrasound?), but didn’t entirely discount the possibility that an induction might be indicated if things aren’t improved tomorrow.

I’m not sure what to think.  I may have been a little behind on the water intake today, but I certainly don’t think I was dramatically dehydrated or anything.  When they had me on the monitor this morning at the NST there was maybe one contraction; this afternoon in triage there were…several.  Three to seven minutes apart.  I wasn’t really feeling them, so I’m not sure if they’re continuing at the same pace or not, honestly. They don’t have me on a monitor here.  Apparently I’ve been mistaking contractions for movement.  They aren’t painful contractions, by any means, so I’m guessing these are still just Braxton Hicks and that they aren’t actually productive – I haven’t had a cervical check, but I would be shocked to find out I’m at all dilated, frankly.  I’m betting that the fluid will have improved tomorrow, I’ll be sent home, I’ll be back at work next week and it will still be at least another week before we actually have a baby.

But what the hell do I know?  Not enough to consistently recognize contractions, clearly.  Ooh.  There’s one now. Unsettling, even though I saw him practice breathing myself on the ultrasound this afternoon, now that I know it’s not just him sticking his butt and feet out at the same time (really, most of the time I thought that was just a big stretch!).  I’d much prefer to at the very least be able to go home and have one more shower in my own bathroom and finish packing my bag myself, rather than just ask Mike to shove whatever random things I can think of into his bag.

At least we got the car seat installation inspected yesterday!  If they decide that I need to be induced (oh, please, no), we’ll be able to take him home, and that’s the only part that really matters.  I should try to get some sleep.  Thankfully in the antepartum unit they only harass me for vitals every four hours, instead of every hour as they would if they had kept me in L&D.  Will update again when we know more tomorrow, assuming things don’t change faster than anticipated.    



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