Nursery Nonsense

Well, it’s still far from done, but at least there has been more forward movement.  All the tiny clothes have been washed and put away, and that was no small feat.  I accepted waaaaay too many freebies. There’s no way he’ll wear everything even once, but I figure if it eases our laundry obligations in the limited time I’ll have as a non-working mom, so be it.  As he grows we’ll be donating and paying forward a LOT in the way of clothing.  Since we’re planning to (mostly) cloth diaper, we’ve switched to fragrance-free detergent and I’m a little irked that some of them came out still smelling like someone else’s fabric softener…but not irked enough to rewash them all.  Is that gross?  Too bad!  Onward!

My mom came over for a bit on Sunday and helped me put up the decals.  There are probably way too many monkeys in this one tiny room, but…too bad!  Onward!  Also, excuse the still-terrible photos, please.  I’m clearly not using the new camera to its full potential yet – hopefully I will do much better when it comes to taking pictures of the baby!  And maybe even myself, soon, hopefully.  I really wish we could afford to have some professional maternity photos taken, but that is laughable at this point.  It’s just short of an actual miracle that we haven’t had to skip any bill payments in order to keep up on the medical bills (yes, we have insurance, but it’s a high-deductible policy that’s kicked our already-bruised asses the past couple of years). I try not to let this train of thought go too far – it only goes to very ugly places.  Suffice it to say that it’s not been a day at the spa to feel so damn broke and so damn pregnant at the same time.  Both make me panic a bit on their own, and piling the one on the other is a bit suffocating, but I’m coping…if not so gracefully or graciously.  I’ll be paying the drop-in fees for yoga classes partially in quarters tonight and next week.  Fancy!

Anyway, what?  Photos.  Decals.  Monkeys.  Many, many monkeys.  Awww.

Above the crib

By the changing table


Next to the closet

Window (new blinds, whee!).  The two on the bottom left are actually hooks/hangers – for tiny little jackets?  I can’t wait to nag him to hang up his clothes!

On top of the closet – disregard the messy wall/ceiling line, please.  It’s not getting fixed.  Too bad!  Onward!

Bedding.  No, we won’t use the bumper.  We won’t be using the crib at first, either, I don’t think.  The lion on the comforter does have a face.  The stuffed giraffe in front of it (handmade by my great aunt) does not.

It’s probably a bit overdone, thematic, matchy-matchy, but what the hell.  You only decorate a nursery for the first time after four miscarriages once, I’m pretty sure.  It’s like the big, poofy, white, cupcakey wedding dress – do it once while you can, when it’s somewhat appropriate, right?  Will post more pics when it’s actually closer to complete.  

This is all thanks to the generosity of friends and family, as I still think the only things we’ve actually purchased ourselves are the blinds and a couple of lampshades.  Were it not for everyone’s overwhelming excitement for us, there would be much less cuteness at hand – and you can’t have enough cuteness when it comes to babies, right?



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