Keep calm and…something.

Eek.  Suddenly I’m pregnant with a baby that’s due THIS MONTH.  Granted, at the very end of this month, and odds would favor a birth actually happening next month, but I may just go ahead and freak the fuck out anyhow.  
Ultrasound was good yesterday, but they didn’t give us a weight estimate, which confuses me.  I could have sworn when they set up the BPP schedule they said they’d check growth every other week, but then yesterday they said that it’s usually only every four weeks.  So I may not get another number (not that I think they’re terribly accurate numbers anyway) until the week after next.  Boo.  I want numbers. Because…well, hell if I know.  Because an educated guess is better than no guess at all?  Anyway, after the NST this morning (also good, he had a few little dance parties with good timing) when the midwife measured me she said she’d guess around five pounds at least, maybe six, so I guess that’s good enough for now.  
Since the doctor’s office remains a much less cluttered backdrop than any room in my house, I paused for another crappy cell phone pic:  



2 thoughts on “Keep calm and…something.

  1. Heather says:

    Looking good! I think I've learnt that numbers aren't everything, although its good to know…

  2. Thanks, Heather! I need to get it together to do some belly pics like you guys did – those are great, by the way! I'm sure you'll really treasure them!

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