Not a lot of visible progress on the mountains of baby stuff that still needs sorted, washed, organized, etc. Slowly but surely, a little at a time, we have chipped away at some edges, but there is still a helluva lot of nesting to go.  Including of course our ongoing side project of the front bathroom.  And, you know, finishing the nursery, I’d think.  I’m hoping we get a lot done this coming long weekend.

Yesterday was another double appointment day, with the NST and regular OB visit in the morning, and the BPP ultrasound in the afternoon.  Both looked good, low blood pressures at both visits, even.  My weight gain seems to have stalled, with no change from last week and very little even from the week previous, which is confounding because it seems like I’m hungrier than ever and continually indulging it, so hopefully it’s all going toward baby fat and baby brain (sorry about all those Doritos the other night, kiddo).  I certainly FEEL bigger around, which is reassuring (if also somewhat disconcerting, to be honest).  They only give me a weight estimate for the baby every other week at the BPPs, so next week I’m hoping to hear at least 5.5 lbs, since he was estimated at 4.5 last week.  On the small side of normal, but as long as we hang on to the normal part, that’s fine.  At the first appointment they surprised me with the group B strep culture.  I’d asked a few weeks back when they did that, and they said 36 weeks, so I thought it wouldn’t be until next week, but whatever (I so hadn’t shaved my legs and so didn’t really care, either).  Will be interesting to see how that comes back.  They also had me go for a repeat hemoglobin/hematocrit – those results just popped up in my email.  Still a little short of the normal ranges, but higher than they were the first time, so I guess the iron supplement is helping a little.  We’ll see if they want me to do anything else. More steaks and strawberries in the meantime, I guess!
It’s getting hot here; all three days this weekend are supposed to hit 90°F or higher.  I’m feeling a little puffy, but not much in the way of true swelling, thankfully.  I haven’t been wearing my wedding rings for quite a while now; I’d swapped for some pretty bands that my sister actually gave me and our mom for her wedding, but I’m not bothering with those either anymore.  I keep wearing flipflops at work (hey, at least they’re the nice Clarks ones my mom treated me to and not the cheap Old Navy ones I bought for myself) and only switching to socks & tennis shoes as absolutely necessary.  Socks are the enemy.  Closed shoes without socks are just a terrible idea.
I can’t tell if it’s really that the baby has dropped/is dropping or if it’s just ligaments stretching, but I swear it feels like my pelvis is being pried apart.  Really quite an odd feeling, worst when going from sitting to standing or lying to sitting to standing.  I had noticed it a bit in my second trimester, too, and then it seemed to ease up for a while, but now it’s back with a vengeance.  I imagine it’s still a way better deal than back pain or sciatica, but it’s definitely something in the ‘pregnancy is very weird’ column.  Still having little if any heartburn, too, so I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be a bald baby (that old wives’ tale has actually been shown to be true, surprisingly enough).  All in all I’m not ready to start complaining about these discomforts. So much left to do, and really feeling quite well overall.  Still plenty of cranky, which I’m blaming on the length of the to-do list, but I have had a few moments of eerie peace.  Amazing how far we’ve come.
Last night our doula and her backup came to visit.  It went really well.  Turns out she’s a former Deadhead, like, dropped out of high school and followed the band for a year or more in her youth, before she had her first son.  It probably says something not so…upstanding, or something, about me that I found that extremely endearing and comforting, but that’s exactly the feel you want from a doula, so, so be it!  We were talking about music for labor, for which I’ve had a hard time trying to decide which extremes of my tastes might work, and I showed her the CD we registered for and received of lullaby versions of the Grateful Dead classics.  She immediately lit up and asked for a copy, and we were off and running.  This really helps Mike feel comfortable with her, too, since he’s gained a lot of appreciation for what he used to think of as my “damn hippie” music in the past several years as he’s reconnected with some of his old friends that are really into it, too.  On the other end of the musical spectrum, she told a story about one of the births she attended in which she arrived at the hospital (or house?  don’t remember – she has attended home births, too) to find the mom headbanging on a birth ball, jamming out to Tool.  I knew I couldn’t be the first or only one to have thought that serious rock might be less annoying than plinky-plunky meditation music at that point in time.  So I think we made an excellent decision, doula-wise; very glad to have gone with my gut on that!  

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