Yesterday was a two-fer.  Had another good NST in the morning, followed by a good ultrasound/growth check in the afternoon.  He appears to be on the smaller side, but still within the normal range, at four and a half pounds as of 34 weeks.  So, he definitely still needs to finish baking and fattening up, and there’s probably no danger of a nine-pounder for me.  Blood pressure was a little high in the morning, 130/80, but much better in the afternoon at 116/73.  Clearly I just need to quit letting Mike piss me off in the morning before I go to these appointments.  That’s a joke…kind of.  I am definitely still fighting the crankiness. Or, wallowing in it, depending on the hour.

We have made some progress on the house, but it’s still basically a disaster area, and my MIL and BIL both arrive today.  MIL is bringing a friend up with her for the shower tomorrow, so they aren’t staying at our house, but BIL is.  I have no idea how this is going to go, but even Mike wasn’t too optimistic about what kind of mood he expected his brother to be in – I guess he’s quit seeing his therapist and stopped taking whatever meds he was on, so I am just EXTRA TICKLED to have him come shit all over my shower weekend, lemme tell ya.  Now, I’ll happily eat my words if that turns out to be false, but I’m fairly confident in my pessimism, sadly.  I’m supposed to be deciding where we’re all going for dinner tonight and I kind of just want to tell them all to go without me.  That’s terrible, and I clearly cannot actually do that, so…I guess I should figure out what sounds good enough that I’ll want to eat despite the big ball of resentment that’s likely to be festering in the pit of my stomach.      

I know…cookies.


2 thoughts on “NOMNOMNOM

  1. Heather says:

    Good to hear that baby is doing ok. :)Good luck with the BIL….

  2. Thank you…so far I may eat half my words. When I got here after work yesterday, he was wearing a T-shirt that says, "Relax, I'm hilarious." [no, no, you're not, dude.]

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