More stuff checked off the list

I had another good NST yesterday.  Everything seems fine, but they are still going to start doing them twice a week starting next week, along with the biophysical profiles with the peri.  It will be sort of nice to get weekly ultrasounds again, I guess.  Hopefully one of these times we’ll see that he’s moved from posterior to anterior.  Somehow I’m not overly worked up about labor and birth, but back labor with a sunny-side-up baby is
obviously not preferable.  I’m not a hundred percent certain, but I’m pretty sure he’s still feet and face forward for now.  I started doing the forward-leaning inversions, but the movements I feel are still all over the place so I don’t think he’s rotated much, if any.

It feels overly picky to be thinking about stuff like that.  I mean…movement!  Baby!  Thirty-three weeks tomorrow!  The details of how he hopefully arrives safely to the outside world…not really so critical in the end.  Natural birth is just an idea I’ve latched onto to grasp for a sense of control.  It’d be fabulous to get to experience the birth I want, but even as I get closer and closer to my due date I have to admit it doesn’t yet seem quite real that we’ve made it this far, finish line in sight.  As we were driving to the childbirth class tonight Mike said it all – still can’t believe we’re doing this.  But apparently, we are.  Anyway, the class was fine.  No brand-new information to me, but there are three classes to go, so I think it will end up being worthwhile.  Like the CPR, infant care, and breastfeeding classes, it’s not information that I can’t find in books or online, but it helps to hear it in person as well, I think.  
We also settled on a pediatric practice today.  The doctor we met is actually the mother of a guy I went to high school with; kind of a small world.  After I shared that it wasn’t easy for us to have gotten to this point, she mentioned that he and his wife of 11 years were battling infertility.  I didn’t ask if they were pursuing treatment or anything, since it’s really not my business.  I was both surprised that she divulged that (made me wonder how often my own mother and MIL might toss our sordid stats out to semi-random near-strangers), yet also a little reassured that she might in some way “get it,” if only as a MIL might.  It’s better than the “oh poor you” look, anyway.  
What else?  Feeling pretty good overall, still.  Still awfully cranky and stressed about work and leave stuff, but have been managing to sleep decently for the most part lately, if not for long enough most nights. Getting up to pee four times aside, of course.  Speaking of….  

4 thoughts on “More stuff checked off the list

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just me with an update. Our little man couldn't wait any longer and he was born on May 8. He was 2lbs 13.6oz and just short of 15.5" long. He's doing really well in NICU for his age. I'm just trying to get my milk going for him. That's not as easy as I'd hoped. Your so close to full term and meeting your little man. Shanlee

  2. Oh my goodness – I'm sorry he came so soon but congratulations and I am sure they are taking great care of him!! I'm sure they've got you a great hospital grade pump, but I've heard good things about Mother's Milk tea and fenugreek – might send someone to Whole Foods if there's one near you (I actually found the tea at our local Kroger) – and there's always Amazon. Hang in there – this has to be rough, but you both are tough cookies!!

  3. Mrs. Misfits says:

    Okay, I feel like über procrastinator. No pediatrician on my front or filed leave paperwork! Slacker, no? This week I swear. The MFN and my doctor were not worried about placement until I hit 35 weeks. I am growing a flip flop, though, so I figure she will do what she wants. Your little dude has time. The fluid checks are fine and the biophysical profiles are really cool to watch. Breathing, moving, and living ate eternally amazing sights. You will be great!My only complaint is having to make the 2x week trip to get monitored (rush hour 1hr commute). As long as getting there is no sweat, you will start to look forward to the instant feedback from the visits.

  4. Hah – don't beat yourself up. I seem to be finding it easier to deal with stuff outside the house – classes, appointments, etc. But our house is a wreck – I'm calling it Mount St. Clutter. There is STILL touch-up paint needed in the nursery and therefore dropcloths on the crib and dresser – and the glider and changing table still aren't assembled. And nothing is really clean (clothes, diapers, bedding, any room of the house, NOTHING) yet.And don't get me started on leave. Work is in the process (STILL GATHERING QUOTES) for a new STD policy that won't probably go into effect until June 1. Four weeks from my due date. So I have no idea what my income will be for the second six weeks of my leave, even though I brought this up numerous times and was told they'd "work with me." I'm PISSED. But I can't just quit or anything, so…I guess I will deal, one way or the other. Mostly by being pissy, I'm guessing. Seems justifiable, anyway. Yes, he does have time to turn, and I hear that a lot of babies don't really shift until labor starts, anyway, so I should try to obsess a little less. I hope your little flipper stays put – she really kept you guessing for a while! And true, I am starting to look forward to all these appointments – always cool to hear the heartbeat and pay close attention to movement, and even better to see him and get pictures. (Plus, you know, they happen during business hours so it gets me out of the office! Really. So pissy.)

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