Had my appointment with the new OB yesterday.  He didn’t seem to have any reservations about my aiming for Family Beginnings, so big fat YAY for that!  He just said, yes, we’ll stop the low-dose aspirin and heparin at 37 weeks, and then it’ll be just as normal as any other birth (who me, normal?!!?)  We’d gone ahead and registered for the childbirth classes the birth center recommends – I was shocked how many are actually full already.  We don’t start until May, every Wednesday evening.  Have yet to register for the infant care, breastfeeding, and CPR classes, but they did not seem to be filling up quite as quickly.  Need to let the cash flow recover a bit after these peri bills.  Unfortunately they don’t let you set up payment plans like some physicians’ offices, and $400 an ultrasound is a bit harsh on our relatively meager incomes.  Stresses me out.  Not even going to let myself get started on that, since there’s very little I an actually do about it right now.

But on the positive side, the new OB does not necessarily require that I switch to a new perinatal practice, and even said that while he wanted me to keep my next appointment with her, he may not require as many scans/non-stress tests/biophysical profiles toward the end as the old OB seemed to think would be mandatory.  I don’t think the low PAPP-A result is so threatening to him, which is reassuring, though he did acknowledge that there are statistically more poor outcomes when you get those results.  Aware, but not trying to scare me.  I like it.  They even gave me the Rhogam shot right there in the office, though my records from the old OB’s practice STILL hadn’t shown up.  That really irked me (and yet my blood pressure was pretty low, phew).  At my last cervical check the woman who checked me out as I was leaving said she’d faxed them that morning, even remarking “there was a LOT.”  No shit, lady, so sorry if my four miscarriages gave you a paper cut.  But either she lied or they didn’t make it into my new file.  So the nurse at the new practice had to call, and they were arriving as I left.  Complete, I hope.  Anyway, I was thoroughly impressed that they felt comfortable with my being able to say, yes, I’m B negative, I need the Rhogam, and not making me spend a whole day getting blood draws to confirm this.  The nurse said, “I’m sure you know what you’re talking about.”  How refreshing, to not be treated like a moron by medical professionals.  So I canceled the appointment I had with the old OB’s office this morning.  Feels good to be settled with care that’s not overly alarmist.  Now I can start hunting for a pediatrician we’ll be comfortable with, too.  Eek.

I feel like I’ve accomplished a few things.  Filled out the paperwork for the doula.  Catching up on some CASA stuff.  We’re still far from actually prepared, of course, but at least I can say we’ve made progress.



2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Hope says:

    I'm so glad this new OB is working out better for you. I like what you said about them being aware but not alarmist. That sounds very good. I hope things continue to go smoothly and make progress. 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    28 weeks!!! Awesome!!!

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