Lest ye forget

I made myself watch this again, just to make sure.  Still funny (and mostly truth).

Got the results from my glucose challenge test.  Nothing to be smug about, but passing (128 mg/dl, so no repeat, at least!).  Hemoglobin/hematocrit, not so much, sadly.

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
HEMOGLOBIN 10.7 12.0 – 15.6 G/DL
HEMATOCRIT 30.4 35.0 – 46.0 %

They recommended I add an iron supplement, as they’d like to see the hemoglobin at at least 12.  Boo.  But I’ll try it, of course.  From what I read it sounds like it can really…um…slow digestion…even further than pregnancy tends to already.  Ugh.  I guess the fact that I still find red meat less than appetizing most of the time has some consequence.  I will try that, too (but must admit that I’d rather celebrate passing the glucose test with a donut than with a steak).

But can I just say I love the new practice?  This getting an email when test results post thing is quite nice.  I went to the lab early Saturday afternoon and had results on the above Saturday evening, and the glucose number on Sunday.  Each with a note from the actual midwife I saw on Thursday.  I’m impressed.  Not sure if that really should be impressive, or if I’m just so used to doctors that I expect to have no choice but wait to be called or call and have nobody answer the phone, but impressive regardless. Also, can you imagine if I had that kind of immediate access as I was doing all the RE’s bloodwork?  Geek city.  I both sort of wish I did and am glad I didn’t.  I may still, someday, ask for a copy of all those numbers.

Ultrasound this Thursday afternoon at the peri’s office to check growth.  Certainly feels like he’s getting more vigorous.  Not every kick is a wallop, by any means, but some of them are leaning decidedly more toward solid thump than flutter.  I hope the measurements agree.  I keep trying to guess if he’s head up or head down or what, but frankly I don’t think I have a clue.  Looking forward to finding out, even though there’s probably enough room in there for him to change his mind more than once in the next three months.

Three months.  Eesh.  Kind of freaks me out.  I’m sure in another month or two I’m going to be uncomfortable enough to be feeling more “ready” regardless of my actual state of readiness, but…there is still way too much to do, and three months doesn’t seem like enough time.  Especially since I tend to want to do nothing after work.  Weekends are not long enough, and it doesn’t seem like there are enough left between now and the end of June to get anywhere close to where I’d like to be, around-the-house-wise.  So far we (and I mean Mike) have the ceiling in the nursery painted.  I hope this weekend we’ll (he’ll) get the walls primed.  Then I’ll feel obligated to pick a color.  You’d think I’d be way past that by now.  I hoped to be, but…I’m not.  And that has to be okay.  All is well, regardless of what my brain tries to tell me sometimes. Anxiety is a real asshole, you know?    



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