Much Better

Didn’t see the doctor this morning, but the ultrasound tech took two measurements – 3.41 cm and 2.75 cm (dynamic, shortens a bit when pressure is applied, is what she said).  Either way, both are better than the 2.5 cm the OB got last time.  She said she thinks 3.41 is more accurate, and there is no funneling, so I’m going with a big sigh of relief for now.  Still a tiny bit short of the 3.5 cm that MoD says is average for this far along, but I don’t feel nearly as alarmed as 2.5 cm had me.  Oh, and they DID send the fetal fibronectin to the lab last time – but it was negative.  Phew.  Would have been nice to know.

Was also told that they faxed over my records to the new practice this morning.  A day late and a dollar short for the midwife’s purposes, but I guess in plenty of time for the OB to review before my appointment with him on the 5th.

I didn’t cancel my next appointment with the current/soon-to-be-ex OB.  I figure just in case I should need something, though I can’t really imagine what, between now and then, I shouldn’t burn any bridges.

Set to meet with another potential doula next Friday.  Her fee is higher, but she says she’s flexible, so if I actually feel like I mesh with her, and she’ll match the fee quoted by the first one, then I’ll have a decision to make.  I’m not convinced either way after our phone conversation, so I guess that remains a big fat We shall see.

Yesterday the new practice gave me the bright orange drink I hear such lovely things about for the glucose tolerance test.  I guess I’ll go do that tomorrow.  Really hoping that doesn’t raise any issues.  My diet isn’t perfect, by any means, but I have not been as sweet-toothed as I sort of expected.  Hopefully that’s a good sign.



2 thoughts on “Much Better

  1. Mrs. Misfits says:

    Chill the drink before you pound it. Yucky, but less vomit inducing when it's cold.Yay! Cervix behaving. This is really fantastic news and I'm hoping that all of the new meetings line up accordingly and the doula turns out to be a grat match. This would be great to have off your mind and on to all the other fun stuff that needs sorting.

  2. Yes – I stuck it in the fridge when I got home yesterday. Tried to talk myself into doing it after my appointment this morning…but I'm procrastinating one more day, apparently. I figure that way if I feel sick and need a nap (I hear it can really make you crash after the glucose and artificial color buzz) at least I won't be stuck at work.Thanks – I'm hoping so, too. We have SO much to do still – the nursery is not at all done. Still needs baseboards, primed, painted, furniture assembled, (crap, window treatments, too) on and on and on. But you're right – that IS the fun stuff. (Short of that other-shoe-dropping feeling it brings on – as I know you know!)

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