Stuff I’ll want to remember

It’s kind of unsettling how shallow my bellybutton is getting.  I’m guessing there’s no way it won’t pop out at some point in the next 15ish weeks.  I have gained plenty of weight, but I still tend to look down at my belly and think…eh, not so big.  Looking at my profile in the mirror leaves me with a completely different impression, though.  It’s more like, WHOA.  I really should take more pictures.

Still feeling lots of movement – which can now also be seen from the outside.  Every time I feel him moving around and kicking I sort of want to drop everything and just stare at my belly.  I don’t know how to describe it.  It’s…yes, Alien-esque, but also…pretty much the best thing ever.  
Had a doctor’s appointment this morning – everything seems to be going well.  My blood pressure was up a bit, though not in any kind of warning or danger zone.  Will check it again this evening when I go to the pharmacy to pick up heparin and vitamins.  Had to admit that I have been feeling what I’m pretty sure are contractions, sometimes a few a day.  Nothing consistent or progressive, so I haven’t panicked or worried too much about it, but I was sure to mention it this morning.  I have nothing to compare them to, so I figure they’re Braxton-Hicks.    Was enough to get a cervical length check – still at 2.5 cm, which she says is “within normal range,” but…damn Dr. Google.  Seems short to me.   Kind of scary, but I’m not freaking out, since there was no funneling.  I guess I will just pay close attention to the contractions (funny, haven’t felt any today since I brought it up) and make sure to drink a lot of water and try to de-stress.  Work has been supremely annoying, and I skipped yoga last week.  I think I’m going to try a different studio for a few weeks…if they return my email.  The class is a bit earlier in the evening, so I’ll get home sooner.  
Sadly, though not unexpectedly I guess, she did not seem to have gotten more information for me about the birth center  and whether being on blood thinners disqualifies me.  I did call, and left a message, and they called me back and left me a message, but I haven’t called again yet.  It took a ridiculous amount of convincing myself to just dial the number the first time.  I’m afraid they’re going to say no way, not gonna happen, too bad so sad.  Still, I am leaning toward that hospital rather than the one my current OB would have me go to…so I may be switching OBs regardless.  Seems petty, to a point, but when I compare the tours, one was so much more encouraging of going the natural route, even in L&D and not in the birth center.  The other seemed to assume I’d want the epidural and the monitor and everything else and dammit, I don’t want to assume that.  I realize I may get into it and change my mind in a hurry, but I at least want to really give myself  a chance.
To that end, I may have found a doula.  Her experience is very impressive and she’s not too expensive, so I should probably just go for it.  My hesitation here is mainly what I find on her Facebook page.  First…it’s one of those weird me-and-my-hubby-share-EVERYTHING deals – seriously?  Second, it says she has “conservative” politics and religious beliefs.  Meh…I’m assuming she’d be respectful of my heathen liberalism, but it’s hard to say.  I may keep looking a bit, but I’m starting to feel like these things need to start falling into place soon.  Eek.



4 thoughts on “Stuff I’ll want to remember

  1. Hope says:

    I'm glad things seem to still be going well. And I really hope those contractions are Braxton-Hicks and nothing more serious.About the hospital and doula thing, I used to be a doula, and I'd say, a) pick the hospital you like, even if it means switching doctors. It's worth it to be comfortable with the place where you'll be having your baby. And b) a good doula should be able to stay neutral when it comes to things like politics. Have you met her? Personality fit is a big deal when it comes to who is going to be there when you are in labor.So basically, I'd support you to go with your gut on those kinds of decision.

  2. Thanks, Hope – me, too!Thanks for the input on the hospital and doula – I did manage to make myself call the birthing center, and thankfully they said that the blood thinners are not an automatic disqualification! They've had women who were on Lovenox before – so it is definitely worth a consultation with an OB who delivers there. I went ahead earlier today and filled out an online appointment request thing for the OB who is the director of the center. I'll call tomorrow, too. But no – I have not yet met the doula, only traded a couple of emails. I will send her another and ask if we can meet up – she could very well have a demeanor that would make me forget all about who she probably voted for. 😉

  3. Allison says:

    Thank you for the superkind comment. There's nothing wrong with making decisions to have the best birth experience possible. Good luck with the doula!

  4. Thanks again for your super honest post, Allison. You're right – I did get an appointment with one of the midwives in the practice that's headed up by the OB medical director of the hospital birth center I'm aiming for – fingers crossed! Thanks – we are meeting her Saturday morning!

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