Not the end of the world

So.  Hi.  Yes, it is apparently 2012.  Well into it, I suppose.  I sort of loathe those recap-and-look-forward-while-resolving type posts so…not gonna do it.  Suffice it to say that my 2011 started off as teh suck thanks to the way that my 2010 ended, but slowly worked its way around to ending up pretty damned stellar.  Thankfully.  But I haven’t forgotten how much the suck was the suck.  Lo, did it ever suck, and mightily.  I know so many people are still stuck in the suck (I swear I’m not trying to be Dr. Seuss with this), and I wish I could make the suck go fuck a duck.  I really do.

But, onto some things that don’t suck, I guess.  Finally got an appointment with the peri/MFM.  My OB says they should have called me a while ago.  Clearly, nobody told them that.  I still have no idea if my RE has spoken to any of the OBs in the practice or the peri about my medication plan, so I will not be surprised (though I will be irked) if/when I get there and they ask me, so why are you here?  Le sigh.  Whatever.  The nurse (tech?  receptionist?) who scheduled the appointment for me said they would probably do an ultrasound and some of the anatomy scan measurements, though they’ll still have me come for the full Level II at 18-20 weeks.  So that’s nice.  I won’t get my hopes up totally have my hopes up that we’ll find out the sex.  And, of course, that we don’t uncover any terrifying (or any, period) anatomical issues.  We’ve talked about names for both, but it still feels completely hypothetical somehow.  It doesn’t feel like we’re talking about naming a baby that’s going to come out of ME.  Sixteen weeks tomorrow, though, so I’m hoping to start feeling movement soon.  I think that will help…though it could still be another month before I feel anything.

Also not sucking…I get a massage tonight.  I hope it’s not one of those deals with the giant hole in the table for a giant belly to go through, both because I’m so not there yet and I have read that’s not the best way to do prenatal massage (should be side-lying propped with towels).  Anyway, it was a Groupon, purchased before I was pregnant, and I have been waiting and waiting to be out of the first trimester (when I called they said they actually ask you to be at least 16 weeks and I said TOO BAD CLOSE ENOUGH ALREADY) and for the holidays craziness to be over.  I really hope it’s worth the wait.  Ha.  There’s a motif for you.


2 thoughts on “Not the end of the world

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there. Our NT scan was yesterday. It went well. Negative screening results. I too have a lower PAAP or whatever the letters are. The Dr didn't seem to concerned as I was pretty close to the threshold. They moved me up another week now too. I hope all is well with you and you enjoyed your massage. Shanlee

  2. Hi! Glad you got good results!! Thanks – massage was pretty good! One more early next month…then I have to start watching for more Groupons :).

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