First trimester…check!

I’ve definitely gone much, much longer without posting (and that’s still an extreme understatement), but I did not mean to leave that last dire, doom-and-gloom post up there for that long.  Not claiming a 100% turnaround, but Tuesday’s “graduation” appointment with the RE helped a lot (finally got u/s pics that look distinctly more like a baby than a blobby, though the NT scan on Monday should be even better), and going to a prenatal yoga class that night helped another metric fuckton, and best of all, there should be a doppler waiting on my front porch when I get home from work today.  I really hope I can get it to function and find the heartbeat and it doesn’t just freak me out if I can’t. I forgot to actually ask for official clearance for the yoga at my appointment on Tuesday, but I never had official restrictions, either, so I just went for it (oooh, I know, I’m such a rebel…I use sarcasm but there is of course a sliver of my brain that fears I killed my baby with yoga.  Sounds so rational, right?).  Some places make you wait until the second trimester, and I pretty much did, but this instructor is really reasonable.  She just said, you would know if you shouldn’t be here, so in theory I could have (and maybe should have) started weeks ago.  There were only three of us in the class that night, and both of the other women were much more pregnant than me, at 24 and 31 weeks, so I definitely did have that feeling-like-a-fake feeling, but it was also nice to do something “normal” for pregnancy, and I’m clearly in need of more exercise and relaxation.  It felt really good to break a sweat and to feel that soreness yesterday and today.  The Groupon for the five-class pass was a gift and I had been sooo looking forward to it.  I was a little afraid that the prenatal version would be all relaxation and nothing that required much actual effort, but definitely not – I can’t wait to go back again next week.  I am still cranky and feeling stressed, but it helps to realize I do have tools to help deal and small things like these to look forward to to help get me from one week to the next without feeling like it’s just one single giant hurdle to get to 40 weeks – breaking it up into bite-sized pieces should help, I hope.  It’s the only strategy I’ve got, so let’s go with it.



5 thoughts on “First trimester…check!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad you updated. I had my second u/s yesterday and the 6W gesational sac from Nov 28 grew into a 8W4D blob with a heartbeat of 166-168 and was 2.01cm long. Yay! There is something in there. However, my brain has yet to catch up. Maybe at the 12 week scan when like you say, the blob will look more like baby.Shanlee

  2. Yay! That is awesome, Shanlee – so happy for you. It definitely took (and is still taking) my brain time to catch up. If you get any scans between now and then, it may look recognizable on the screen, it's just that the printouts they gave me were rarely as sharp as what you see on-screen. It sounds like you are right on track – high five!!

  3. Phoenix says:

    I'm glad you put that Groupon to good use! It's the little things that can make you relax more, and get through that week to week. Hang in there you and SLIM are doing great. Thanks!

  4. Andrea M. says:

    I wrote a book in response but really just want to say: So happy for you!

  5. LOL…books are good. I like books. But thank you very much!

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