No news is good news.

Yesterday’s scan was good.  Measuring 11 weeks on the nose, so two days ahead, which the RE says they expect to see about now.  Lots and lots of squirming, definite arms and legs and “I think that’s an ear.”  Awesome to see. The pictures they print out are still pretty blobby-looking, but I am going to do the first trimester screening tests, which consist of blood tests and what I assume will be a fairly detailed ultrasound.  Hoping to get some pictures from that that would be semi-recognizable as human to anyone that’s not actually present for the scan.  Still have to schedule that.  Oh, and call the OB’s office.  Only one more appointment with the RE.

Cutting back on some meds.  Cut metformin in half starting yesterday, and Friday will be the last day for that.  Four days after that I stop the progesterone.  Keeping on with prednisone and heparin for now, though the RE said he would rather see me continue heparin than prednisone.  I don’t really see it as necessarily an either/or kind of deal, but frankly it’s more up to me and whoever I see for OB care than him, though I of course do appreciate the recommendation.  So we’ll see.  I’m not convinced either way.  I think the aspirin will stay for the long haul (until the last few weeks, I believe is the recommendation).

Feeling a little less queasy most days, and hoping that holds, but still sooo tired.  Yet of course not sleeping all that well.  Either can’t fall asleep as early as the fatigue makes me think I should, can’t stay asleep (waking up to pee has lost its charm, I will admit), or just weirdly non-specifically uncomfortable.  I am the asshole who thinks restless leg syndrome is nonsense, yet…well, I swear I have it.  It is supremely annoying.  Not quite painful like a charlie horse, but somehow just short of that, like the feeling you (I, anyway) get right before the cramp really comes on.  And only streeeetching that leg that you JUST got to a comfortable position will help.  So strange.  I’m very ready to be able to start some yoga classes.

Oh, yes.  Just read a very cute fetal nickname on one of the support boards.  SLIM.  Someone Living Inside Mommy/Me.  That gets a chuckle.


4 thoughts on “No news is good news.

  1. says:

    Fantastic news!! 🙂

  2. Bazarov says:

    RLS strikes again, just heed the lesson about treatment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Was revisiting some old posts of mine and had forgotten completely about this one:"Restless Leg Syndrome. Turns out a potential treatment is masturbation. Ha! The number of avenues opened up in the imagination by such a therapy proposal are too many to list. I've written a short story where RLS played a central part, knowing little to nothing about the condition. That certainly didn't keep me from using it. The one thing I did research though, because I didn't believe it when I first saw it, were the list of side-effects given for the medication being advertised. The list can be found within this wonderfully written story. I think I'd give masturbation a go before buying the medicine and dealing with all those side-effects…but it does beg some questions, doesn't it? Ha! Funny stuff."

  4. Duly noted, thanks. I won't be adding any more meds to my arsenal if I can help it, no.

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