I must be stronger now, or something.

Because it didn’t kill me after all, though last night I thought I was surely dying.  Thanks to the cursed flu shot, I’m guessing.  The shot itself was nothing, of course.  I kind of laughed afterward, as I was braced for something nice an burn-y, sting-y like heparin is, but I barely even felt the needle go in at all.  Had the start of a headache a couple hours later, some nausea, which I thought nothing of, just carried a baggie of crackers around with me as we did some running around.  By the time we got home, however, I was feeling decidedly yucky.  Fleece pajamas and three blankets and I was still shivering something ridiculous.  Figured I needed to eat something other than crackers, so I did, which seemed fine for a bit, though the headache was getting steadily worse.  Mike didn’t think I had a fever, or much of one anyway, but I was feeling so chilled and shivery I ended up making him run to the store for a thermometer and some Ty.lenol.  I thought for sure I was roasting little Lightly Salted Cletus, but when he got back with the thermometer it read 98.5°F.  I sort of didn’t believe it, and by then it felt like the vise on my head was about to pop my eyes out of their sockets, so I went ahead and chased the Ben.adryl I’d taken to try and pass out with a Ty.lenol.  Both seemed to help…for a bit.  Was able to fall asleep on the couch for a little while.  Still felt awful when I got up to go to bed, though I convinced myself that I should go ahead and take the met and prenatal.  Probably should have skipped them for one night.  Who knows, maybe I’d have been up at one puking my guts out either way, but ughhh.  Thought I’d be good after that, but still woke up pukey and headache-y an hour later.  Broke down and took another Ty.lenol and another Ben.adryl.  And still had to get up at four to pee, of course.  Amazingly, I feel almost okay today.  Tired as hell, of course, and my head feels kinda sore, like a headache hangover, but like a million bucks in comparison to 12-15 hours ago.

I really hope that Frankie/Peanut/Cletus was unaffected by all that.  Definitely ready for another checkup tomorrow.  I don’t really want anyone to suffer the flu, but I’d kind of like to hear at some point how awful it is this year so I can feel like all that was justified.  I usually manage to dodge most side effects, but I’d never had a flu shot before, and I guess all bets are off with a pregnant system.  I thought if anything it would take a day or two for side effects to show up, but that was pretty lickety-split.  Gah.  I just hope it’s a one-shot deal and I don’t get waves of it or something. Yuck.  But yay for immunity (to last year’s strains, at least).

ETA:  Thanksgiving was great.  I should not overlook this so easily, as I clearly have a lot to be thankful for and could not ask for a better contrast to last year than what I’ve got going right now.  Well, I could ask for a nap, but I’ll happily settle for a piece of leftover pie and a decent night’s sleep tonight.  Fingers crossed.


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