Yay….I wanted this.

Ohhhhhhhh, but I am queasy.  No puking (yet?), but it is definitely nausea.  Fun.

I really hope this is a good thing and that it means we’ll see good things again tomorrow.

Need to find something sour…quickly.



4 thoughts on “Yay….I wanted this.

  1. Andrea M. says:

    This calls for a like, right? Thinking about you today!

  2. Thanks! Yes…except when I DON'T feel nauseous now I worry…as bad as the boob soreness. How ridiculous to ever want more of such things, but damn…I'm ready for more reassurance. If they make me go two weeks or more between this afternoon and the next one, I'm going to…I don't know what. Hopefully something other than drive myself crazy! The plus here is that I don't necessarily feel doomed. That's a big something!

  3. Phoenix says:

    I will make sure to keep something sour around for you. It's not the best feeling…but it is a feeling. Hang in there. Positive thoughts for this afternoon.

  4. Thanks. I actually ordered these preggie pop things from drugstore dot com (since I had a coupon, lol). Don't know when they'll show up, or how long they'll last, but I hope to still be happy to see them when they show up!

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