Houston, we have a – – –


So…yes. Unbelievable, but I’m pretty thrilled. The gestational sac grew 10 mm in five days, there’s a definite yolk sac (don’t see a measurement on that from the printout they gave me), the fetal pole is either 5.17 mm or 6.18 mm (depending on the angle I guess?), so measuring either 6w2d or 6w3d, and I’m 6w5d by LMP. That would worry me a bit but with a heartbeat of 120 bpm (!!!) I am not going to stress about two or three days – so long as I can see that heartbeat again next week! Un. real. I know I won’t really relax for quite some time, if at all, but this is definitely the farthest we’ve ever gotten with things looking this good. Even just partial relief feels like someone removed the weight of the world from my shoulders.  

This thing needs a nickname.  I realize that the worst could still happen at any moment, but this is the most reassurance I’ve ever had, so I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can muster.  It won’t hurt any less if I worry any more if the worst does happen.  Not that I won’t worry….just trying to encourage myself not to do so excessively.  

What to call it?  Creepy Little Embryo o’ Mine just doesn’t sound very affectionate.  Accurate, though.  I mean, look:  5 – 7 mm embryo.

Totally creepy.  But in the cutest way.


9 thoughts on “Houston, we have a – – –

  1. Andrea M. says:

    I am partial to nicknames that connote parasites. Like "worm." Or something ironic, like "Spot." I don't dig the sweet nicknames so much. Since it is running a few days behind (I almost said he), "Schlomo" (gramma forgive my spelling of the time honored yiddish name). Those are my thoughts.And I am ecstatic for you! Two or three days is within the acceptable range of error for both measuring and implantation so don't let that bug you. Heart rate, rough fetal age, and embryo size are the important things to correlate and those are spot on. (See, I think "Spot" is winning here).You are on the right track– if the "something bad" that you worry about happens, it isn't going to hurt any less if you don't let yourself enjoy the good while you have it. But the good will be marred by not letting yourself enjoy it. Smiling for you 🙂

  2. Funny. I was actually saying the same thing earlier. Because the RE said there was a spot that looked suspicious of a yolk sac, and then of course the spotting…plus the piebaldism factor so s/he could very well end up with spots! I like spot on the best, though. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're so right. I came to that conclusion last week (week before? whenever Halloween was) and was sort of annoyed that it took that long to really figure it out. Worry…can't avoid it completely, but it doesn't help at all. May as well enjoy this as much possible!

  3. Mrs. Misfits says:

    Great news! That is a perfect heartbeat. My names gave out long ago, and numbers seem to stick. Sad, I know. Also not recommended. I vote for bloomer( as in late) or slomo like Andrea here. I am giving a big encouraging cheer to the little dude or dudette who seems to have buckled in. Congratulations!

  4. Thanks! Yes, I thought about going with Cinque or Fünf but I really can't be arsed with that umlaut and also, it seemed like copying. I know – we have never gotten to the point of good enough news to think I even needed a nickname until now, I could never even grant it any kind of "identity" when I was still freaking over betas, etc. So really, whatever I end up going with, I'm just glad to have the dilemma.

  5. Jennifer says:

    This is great news, I am thrilled for you!

  6. Thank you Jennifer – you are going way above and beyond in even coming here (I know it has to seem like another kick to the gut). If it helps at all I am totally hating that guy in your office with you. And Michelle Duggar? Gross. Just gross. It takes an awful lot for me to judge anyone's choices in family building, but COME ON.

  7. Heather says:

    Whew! I am so relieved for you and so glad and grateful.

  8. Anna says:

    If I were a genie, I'd be here to grant you three wishes. Instead I'm going to offer you all the happy and lucky thoughts I have in my head and say a prayer that you will see the heartbeat again on Tuesday and that this baby sticks and ends in a live birth. And if it does, I promise you that I will send you a box of diapers. I know it won't solve all your diapering needs, but it will (in a very very minimal way) partially grant one of your wishes.

  9. Thank you, Anna. I am totally tearing up at your offer. You are a genie just for saying so, and Mel's kind of a genius for posts like that. Thank you so much for the very kind thoughts and the prayer.

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