No scan today.  RE’s not in, so I’m scheduled for 1:45 tomorrow.  I’m so annoyed.  They keep telling me to take ibuprofen to “calm the uterus.”  I asked, they seem aware of the studies (here‘s the most recent that I know of) pretty much saying that’s not the best idea.  I get that it will inhibit the prostaglandins, which in theory should prevent cramping, so sure, it may calm the uterus, but it does not calm my mind.


6 thoughts on “Blerg

  1. Mrs. Misfits says:

    Crap. I just caught up here and this is rotten news all around. I was always tod to take Tylenol and not ibu. That is exceptionally odd. I am sorry that they've delayed a day. In this moment, there's not much you can do but feel angry and helpless. My thoughts are with you in the wait.

  2. Yep, that's what everyone says. Would like to think that my RE's some kind of renegade who knows something that makes it okay. Having already taken some (though not as many doses as they recommend), I am trying to remain somewhat optimistic. Spotting hasn't really started again – barely a smudge here and there, but…yeah, just blerg.Thanks for your thoughts – I am glad that you and Ocho weathered your accident unscathed. Keeping fingers crossed that he stays that way!

  3. Andrea M. says:

    Thinking about you. Hoping for the best news possible today.

  4. Thank you – just got back. Actually did get just about the best possible news! Will post later with all the details and crap, but THANK YOU for helping me keep hope alive. Bottom line – heartbeat of 120 bpm!!

  5. Andrea M. says:

    I have been checking and checking and checking and WOW! and YAY!

  6. Thanks! Must finally eat something of substance, but will be back to geek out on all the data later tonight! Can hardly believe it….

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