Well, that’s one way to get a scan moved up.  Assume it’ll be sometime Monday unless things get much worse over the weekend and I end up in the ER.  Never happened before, so let’s at least go with that part of the pattern if this is going south.



8 thoughts on “Spotting

  1. Hope says:

    I'm so sorry the spotting's started. I really hope it stops and that your scan brings good news, but I know how worried you probably are right now. (((Hugs)))

  2. Thanks, Hope. Actually seems to have stopped for now, though I'm still getting twinges/cramps. Can't decide if they're any different from what I've had all along or if I'm just more freaked out by them now. I don't want to give up hope, but I feel foolish for holding onto it.

  3. Keep your hope. (I am.) Love you so much.

  4. Thank you. I am keeping it too, it's just a bit diluted by realism…or something like that. Love you too.

  5. Heather says:

    I am also spotting. But I phoned my mom who is a doc who said I shouldn't worry. But I am worried. Going for scan on Friday so will wait and see if I need to move things up sooner.Really hope your baby is ok.Does it ever end….

  6. I'm so sorry Heather. I hope the doctors are right for both of us and it's no reason to worry, but I know that it's impossible not to worry (for me, at least). I figure if I can keep the worry balanced with hope and not completely freak out, that's as much as could reasonably be expected. I hope your scan can be moved up if the waiting gets to be too much for you.

  7. Kelly says:

    Fuck. I'm sorry. This certainly is just added to your fears. (((HUGS)))

  8. Thanks, Kelly. Yes, it didn't help. Has pretty much stopped, but I'm still trying to just take it easy and not push it. The ONE weekend I really didn't need an extra hour. Was going to get so much done this weekend, but I've pretty much planted my ass on the couch. Oh well.

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