Five weeks (eek!)

1920!  hCfreakingG is 1920!  That’s a doubling time of around 42 hours.  I will so take it.  Ultrasound next Thursday.  P4 down a smidge to 35, but I’m not going to take that as an indicator (unless you know something I don’t – don’t NOT tell me if you do, please).

I feel like a bit less of an asshole for parking in an expectant mother spot for all three blood draws now.  I mean, I didn’t park in the ones closest to the door and there were plenty other such spots available, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it, because I realize they’re meant for women much more pregnant and mobility-challenged than me at this point.  But I really kind of thought it may have been my only chance each time to even remotely justify it.  So I did it.  Yep, kind of an asshole.
I’m not going to voice any more fears or comparisons to last time right now.  Maybe very soon, but not right this moment.  For now…just…eek!

4 thoughts on “Five weeks (eek!)

  1. says:

    Fantastic beta!! Congratulations!! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Melissa. As much as I could hope for at this point!

  3. Thank you!!! Hugs back….

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