That’s about the sum of it.  As silly as it is to post something saying I don’t have much to say…I may not be saying much for a while.  As much as I hate September, the following months aren’t really joyful for me either…this is just a dark time of year for me, I guess.  Even though the weather has been really quite pleasant for fall lately, I just kind of despise it.  I almost wish it were time for snow already.  Everything just needs covered up, erased.  A clean slate. Excuses to hibernate and curl up under a blanket and be unconscious.

Blah.  That is all.


  1. The unknown pink striped flowers are hanging on for now, though it’s gotten cold enough at night to kill most.
  2. The stems are taller than me, probably pushing six feet or more.  I have to stand on a rock to even think about getting a good picture.
  3. Silly old rap music that makes me feel nineteen again.  Also a bit like driving to the Canadian Niagara Falls.
  4. Guacamole.  How can you not love a dish made from the only vegetable that produces more than negligible amounts of fat?!?
  5. Weight.  I have gained it.  A buck twenty’s workable.  I blame the Pill, and part of my brain remembers something about gaining when you go on it, and then again when you go off it.  That second part might be excessive, but we shall see.  I think.  

Where’s the fucking fast-forward button?

And before the dawn, ’tis darkest.  Or some such shit.

Why do spats ever so slightly cheer me up a bit?  That’s…so me.

And for good measure.  Play it again, Sam.

Also, giant heavy looking things crashing around.  I want to go drop something off a cliff and watch it smash into a thousand pieces.  Gravity would require way less effort than a hammer.