Knock on it.

Yes, today is our anniversary.  Five whole years of legality.  So, I always like to browse the lists of traditional and modern lists of the gifts that are slated for each year of wedded bliss.  Not that I expect gifts; we have everything we really need and I really don’t want for much.  Just because they’re funny.  Five years in the modern list is silverware.  Traditional is….wood.  I’ll give you some wood, alright.  And I bet you’ll give it right back.

I’m sorry, but it just had to be done.  Heehee.

What didn’t really have to be done, but was anyway, was this:

Awww, how purty!  And they smell good too.  And then tonight, sushi!  And then tomorrow, party!  Yay!  Go, us.


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