Ready, Set, Walk! Even virtually!

I know we’re all just flummoxed as to what to do with all the extra money we have laying around (sarcasm skills intact, woohoo!), but if you do happen to be feeling extra flush or just plain generous, please consider funneling some funds toward RESOLVE‘s Walk of Hope happening later this month in Atlanta.  As Julie so kindly outlined, RESOLVE is an important force in the continuing advocacy efforts on many aspects of infertility, such as fighting measures at state level intended to:

  • limit the number of embryos to be transferred during IVF;
  • ban cryopreservation of embryos;
  • ban embryonic stem cell research;
  • ban compensation for gamete and embryo donors;
  • require reporting of fertility patients’ miscarriages to state governments;
  • authorize the release of fertility patients’ medical information to any “public or private entities for statistical, research or educational purposes” — i.e., for any reason at all; and
  • define a fertilized egg as a person.
It’s good work they’re doing.  Beyond the heartache that goes with actually being in the trenches of dealing with infertility, there are political considerations that must be paid attention so we don’t lose ground.  There are many out there who would take away what progress has been made and send us back to the dark ages.  While I hope this is not a realm of issues that will be personally important to you or yours, it always takes support from those outside looking in.  
Plus, Julie is witty.  Goooooo, Team No, YOU Relax!

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