I’m not really a movie person.  Something ADD in me prefers smaller doses than circa two hours (because anything resolved in that dosage is bound to disappoint?), but the addictive personality in me wants stories that go on longer, constant cliffhangers, as in teevee shows.  I like to expect something yet to come, or something.  And sequels generally suck.  But THIS?  Oh.  Emmmmm.  Geeeeeee.  Even being a romcom chick flick, which I really usually can’t stand, even though Mike calls them Amy Movies (ew), I think this will call for popcorn and a big screen.  Yes, definitely.  (Stealing pics from my new plaid pants.)

Yeah, I could pretty much curl up in that dimple and…something.

Totally gratuitous
Le sighhhh

Oh yes, also, Anne Hathaway.  Who has boobs.  So, you know, bonus.


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