Live Learn Love Listen Laugh and CELEBRATE

I should not wallow, I should celebrate, even though I don’t get to see her this weekend.  Will just have to wait a couple weeks.  Today is my dear beautiful sister’s birthday!  She’s gorgeous and hilarious, as evidenced by tagged photos of her on Facebook (I limited myself to that album or this would never end):

She dresses up as an American Gladiator for Halloween.

She wears pink feather boas in big box stores.

She likes butterflies

She can pull off camo, apparently.

She will brush your hair and laugh at your silly faces.

She names plastic dinosaurs things like Klaus and Hans and Jacques-Pierre and takes them out for drinks.

She loves her friends and makes them family.

She makes excellent fish faces.

She loves Lady Gaga

I don’t know, but it makes me laugh.

She will let you wear the sunglasses that make you invisible in the bar.

She does handstands in Ireland.  And gets paid for it.  

She looks cute in pigtails and doesn’t care if we have the same T-shirt.  In fact, she bought me this one.

She’s so smart.

I just love her.

She gets me.

We lurve our brudder, too.

He totally tolerates us.

She did many perfect pirouettes on my wedding day.

I better start practicing for hers.  Her dress must have pockets.  Non-negotiable!

She is portable.

She is witty.

She looks adorable next to tall dudes.

Snow is no obstacle for her.

She is skeptical of the enormous pink sombrero.

She thinks ‘staches are funny too.

She’s a supa star!

We are definitely blood related.

She is a tasty vamp.

Always practices good taste.

Like wearing yellow high heels while mourning the passing of her favorite vehicle.

I need to start thinking about toasting her next August, though I’ll never even try to compete with the lovely toast she made to us.  Eloquence at its most sincere best, she is.

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