I also get phone calls.

But they don’t shed much light.  The rest of the bloodwork came back.  Anti-mullerian hormone normal, 1.4.  Not high enough to indicate PCOS, indicates plenty of reserve.  Nothing else indicates PCOS either.  Though she says testosterone is slightly elevated.  Not shocking.  Heehee.

So still nothing definitive.  Other than that the nurses don’t read whole charts before making phone calls.  “So it looks like you have plenty of eggs we can stimulate and help get you pregnant!”  Great, lady, great.  How about keeping me that way?  I know, I don’t want much or anything.  So I guess the action plan is to get my rubella vaccination (oh yay), wait another month, at least, I guess, hmmm, oh shit, get some baby aspirin, learn to inject myself with blood thinner…and wait and see.  I mean…if that’s not foreplay then I think you’re doing it wrong.


2 thoughts on “I also get phone calls.

  1. suntzusays says:

    Testosterone is "trouble" yes.

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