Interesting, indeed.

Was not expecting that so soon.  Some of the bloodwork results came back already.  So far I know that FSH is normal, which indicates ovarian reserve, so that’s GOOD.  Prolactin normal.  Cholesterol and insulin are okay, which frankly I am shocked to hear.  Especially given the way I’ve been eating lately.  That’s amazing.  There’s been enough bacon and dairy fat and deep frying going on to give someone an arterial plaque buildup…but I guess not me.  Weird.  Enjoy that while it lasts, I will.  Many of the other test results are still pending, but the surprising part is that I am apparently in violation of herd immunity principles!  I’m not currently immune to rubella (German measles).  I wonder how long those shots last, because I know we used to have to get MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunizations before starting…junior high, I think it was…?  Weird.  My parents definitely were not in the non-immunizing community; we got everything that was required/recommended at the appropriate ages.  I suppose some of them just don’t work for a lifetime.  Or I got a bunk dose.  I guess it wouldn’t be the first time.

Still waiting for many other results:  androstenedione, more metabolic stuff, DHEA sulfate, estradiol serum, LH, testosterone (woo!), TSH, anti-mullerian hormone (doesn’t that sound fun?), etc.  Party on.  Now, with more waiting!  But in the meantime, I get to try and find out if my OB/GYN can give this shot (I assume it’s a shot), or if I might have to go and find myself a GP for the first time in…a decade-plus?  Yikes.

I love how the nurse who calls to give the results & discussion doesn’t really read what hopefully is in my file; either that or they just assume that everyone’s prepping for actual treatment.  She kept saying that I’d have to wait a month after the immunization before starting treatment.  Who said I was starting treatment?  What treatment?  Last I heard was learn to inject yourself with Heparin twice a day and what, hold my breath?  I’ve read enough to know that is not what she’s talking about.  She thinks I’m gearing up for an IUI or a round of IVF.  I really doubt it.  That’d just be waaaaay too much money to spend on potential disappointment.  I still have another month’s worth of free Pills, so this timing really isn’t a huge inconvenience, but thanks for amplifying the sound of that ticking clock I had managed to tune out for a hot minute there.


2 thoughts on “Interesting, indeed.

  1. suntzusays says:

    Most of them aren't good indefinitely. Junior high was a long time ago after all. And yeah. Way to pay attention to your patients.

  2. True. More needles, yay! Seriously. If I were to proceed to some type of monitored cycle…I'm fairly sure I'd find another practice. This is just silly.

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