What She Said

This brought tears to my eyes this morning:  other women.

Maybe it’s the scene.  I have a hard time picturing myself at my sister’s wedding, which will be almost exactly a year from now.  Once recently Mike said, “maybe we’ll be pregnant by then,” and I almost clawed his face off because DUDE, DON’T SAY THAT.  Not that I think anything could be jinxed or un-jinxed, of course…but…dude, just don’t say that.  I still can’t picture it.

Random people ask.  It’s so…gauche.  But it happens.  Been a while since my uncle pried; he’s good at that.  “So when you going to have one?”  Really?  I mean…no.  The “do you have kids?” version is at least not based on an assumption that I should…it still stings, if it comes with that sadface piteous look once I answer, but it’s not as bad as WHEN.  Because I DON’T KNOW.  And also, it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  I mean, obviously, many people know what I’ve been going through slash up to – I’m not a private person; that’s just not going to happen.  But to be so oblivious….to walk up to a woman while holding your own baby and just demand information about a near stranger’s family planning plans?  Wow.  I don’t get it.  Apparently, a lot of other people don’t either.


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