I have no choice but to seriously evaluate my actual options, so…contrary to usual methods, let’s ANALYZE!


  • I can be very passionate about my work.  I do like a challenge, so long as it’s a feasible one.
  • I am fairly conscientious; I like to do things the RIGHT way, most of the time, if I believe it’s something worth doing to start.
  • I am fairly ethical.  I’m not going to fuck you or anybody else over just for fun.
  • I am a quick learner if I give at least a rat’s arse about what I’m learning.
  • I can be lazy and complacent.
  • I can be easily discouraged.
  • I’m not the most organized person on the planet, though this is under constant improvement.
  • I won’t be passionate about something for long if the objective is merely academic or in any way damaging to people, places, ideas or things that I value.  Sadly, in the business world this is a definite weakness.
  • I could go get a teaching cert.  Then I’d have to start a Master’s degree shortly thereafter…assuming some school district would hire me.  I’ve never loved the idea of teaching, but I’m starting to realize that it’s a decent enough option that I should give it actual consideration despite being unable to picture myself in front of a classroom.
  • I could edit.  Or rather, “edit,” as described by my siblings who do such things for news/press releases.  This would necessitate a move to Cleveland.  Which necessitates selling the house and finding a job Mike could tolerate…if he’d tolerate the lake effect winters.  It’s no guarantee, but I’ve been told they’d hire me in a heartbeat based upon my maiden name alone.  Good people, good references.
  • I could suck it up and exhaust what’s left of my college fund to actually go back to school with a purpose in mind that actually does give me the warm fuzzies.  Sadly, that type of law degree isn’t likely to lead to work that pays well.  But I’d probably at least love what I was doing.  Maybe.  From my taste of it via CASA it’s also heart-wrenching and surely depressing as anything else in life. 
  • I could stick this out and see where it goes.  Still requires actual effort going into both the work and the brute force it takes to drag myself to this gawdforsaken office five days a week.
  • I could piecemeal.  There are a million ways or more to make a little money here and there.  I could wait tables.  I could…sell random or less than random stuff online.  I could…start a food co-op.  I could….deliver freaking newspapers, probably.  I mean…if all doors are open, all doors are open.  Some are just less appealing than others, surely.  PAINT THEM ALL BLACK.  Meh.
  • You know, not being independently wealthy and having to exchange actual dollars for food, shelter, clothing, etc.
  • I’m under a non-compete agreement that would probably be actually enforceable unless I got a job overseas.  So even if I wanted to go work for a competitor, which I really don’t, they’d have to be willing to stick me in a non-competitive position for two years.  Not so likely, methinks.
  • Here’s the threat I’d really like to make:

2 thoughts on “SWOT

  1. I'd so love to have you and Mike in the Cleve, but somehow I foresee Option 2 probably being an option you'd end up disliking, and maybe fairly quickly. LOTS of customer service, LOTS of smiles in your voice is all I'm sayin'!

  2. You are probably correct. I think I'm just itching for something new…the most logical thing is to make something new with what I already have. Different kind of creativity, sorta…I guess. Meh!

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