Not on my desk!

Fucking gross.  The mice are back.  One time at the old building, I came in and heard a GREAT story about how when the super early bird plant manager came in at the butt crack of dawn, he heard this rusting noise coming from my cubicle.  So he walks over and looks around – there’s a mouse trapped in my trash can.  Ew.  Thanks for taking care of that one for me.  There’s now peanut butter (organic!) on the mousetrap.  I bet Tuesday’s going to start with a bang.

Fucking EW.


2 thoughts on “Not on my desk!

  1. Phoenix says:

    There's a lot of peanut butter on that trap. You are going to have a few more visitors. Gross, Indeed. Tuesday's got to be better than this.

  2. suntzusays says:

    Between the two, I'm a little more confused how the mouse got into the trash can than that organic peanut butter is going to be used in an ew factor.

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