So, (dammit, I gotta quit that.  Thanks to whomever submitted that to FFF, rereading it was pretty hilarious if I do say so myself.  Maybe because I was there, but still) I’m sitting out on the patio looking at some flowers.  That grew.  Sweet.  Tits.  Sweet tits!  Anyway…still too lazy to actually retrieve the camera and take any photos,  so this little background change thing can suffice for now.  But, mental note – do that.  Lazy gardening is almost kinda working.  I like it.  I was all into documenting it last growing season, but this year, frankly, the thought of growing anything, or working too hard to do so anyway…squick.  Ew.  In fact, I was TRYING to be somewhat halfassedly systematic about the seeds I had left from last year to plant.  I set the big packet thing on the rock…went to get water or a rake or something…and the wind smacked it over and spilled it.  Oops.  So I just scooted what I could over into the dirt and covered it up.  See, lazy gardening.  It works.  I like it.  Pretty things to look at, and yummy things to eat.  I’ll drink to that.  Leftover wine is also good.  Cheers!

Crap!  You know what I hate??  MOSQUITOES!!  What eats those?  LET’S GET SOME.


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