Double Harsh

Just what I needed this morning!  A come to Jesus talk from my boss.  Maybe he’s reading this after all.  (Hi!)  No, when my personal life goes to shit, I don’t tend to throw myself into my work.  Character flaw?  Perhaps.  Frustrating to those who work with me?  Probably.  Personal failing?  I’m going to go with NO.  I’ve had enough personal failure to suit myself, and I’m not adding that attribute to the list.  It feels incredibly unfair to be responsible for part of the bottom line and yet have no authority.  And yeah, that’s what I hear…life ain’t fair.  Obviously, some things are outside ALL of our control, and I’m fully willing to admit that I haven’t had my iron fist out lately to control what I maybe could try to control.  I don’t have it in me right now.  I’d rather admit that than constantly berate myself for things that fail that I could have done little or nothing about.  I’d better get my slacks on, I’ve been slacking.  You know, I’ve never owned a pair of boots with straps.  Maybe that’d help.  Could I afford to do any shopping, I’d treat myself to some just so I could physically yank on them thar bootstraps when I’m obviously failing to motivate myself to do a damn thing for myself.  But guess what!  I can’t afford any boots.  I can’t afford the consultation fee for this RE appointment in less than two hours, but watch me go anyway.  Some information is worth paying interest on, I do believe.  Boots with straps?  Probably not so much.

I will certainly do my best to “pick myself up and dust myself off,” yes, yes, I will.  Thanks for that charming advice.  At minimum I will try to dry my eyes and compose my thoughts.  This guy is going to want to hear about everything I’ve been trying really hard not to relive lately.  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!


3 thoughts on “Double Harsh

  1. explendit blog, congratulationsregard from Reus Cataloniathank you

  2. suntzusays says:

    meh. Seems like you could get other people to put straps on the boots if you needed them to. But that would require motivation of a different order. Less robotic sort. And definitely not a come to jesus sort.

  3. Meh indeed. Now, to formulate "metrics" to assist my boss in…pointing out my shortcomings? AWESOME. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement.

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