I never….

Remember that game?  Good stuff.  I never…whatever you’ve never done.  And whoever has done it, has to drink!

  • I never really dreamed of a fairy tale princess wedding.   I dreamed about being loved and loving back.
  • I never really fantasized about being a mother.  I just kind of assumed it would come to be.
  • I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I just knew I had to do something.
  • I never really wanted to be rich.  I just didn’t want to have to worry about money and necessities.
  • I never really wanted to be one of the boys.  It was part of the requirement for the first real job I found, being the only woman, so I did it.  Perhaps too well.
  • I never really expected to be one of those people who has it all “together.”  I’ve never felt that way, and I don’t expect to ever feel that way or give that impression to anyone.  I’m a fucking mess.
  • I never really thought it was being greedy to buy a house with three bedrooms.  I thought they’d be useful sooner than later.
  • I never really felt guilty about not wanting to be a Suzy Homemaker.  Mom only smiled and said, No, not really, when people asked if I liked to help her in the kitchen or around the house.  She didn’t guilt me.  I found my own way.  I’m pretty sure that’s what she wanted for me.

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