A model of efficiency

Yeah.  So.  Today’s been…something.  I managed to pack up the laptop this morning and then leave the bag either on a chair in the dining room or on a couch type thing.  Didn’t even notice until I parked the car at work.  Right.  So.  Yeah.

Instead of going home at lunch to get it, I’m still sitting at the front desk.  Where people can observe my back on the LOBBY CAM.  Really?  You wanna see what I’m doing?  Not answering the phone, that’s what.  Meh.

I’ve sent a grand total of two emails today.  One that I actually owed yesterday afternoon.  So.  Yeah.  Just not feeling it today.  Again.  Really.  Add to that that the order my boss has been all over everyone about completing and shipping in a timely manner was not assembled and packed out ahead of time, so…it’s unusable product; we just didn’t know this until it was time to ship.  Now that’s what I call the Just In Time economy!  Genius!  I’m making a judgment call that he doesn’t need to have that info forwarded to his crackberry on his day off.  Those are the kind of gems you save and let someone come BACK to the office to meet and greet.  Right?  Right.  So.  Yeah. 

Meh.  Highlight of the day has been when the fire department parked their truck across the way to paint the hydrant.  Woohoo.  Tits.  Boner.  Something.  So.  Yeah.


2 thoughts on “A model of efficiency

  1. Phoenix says:

    Not answering the phone. Perfect. It is not your job. As far as the Lobby Cam…yeah creepy is right…Try 90 days of that. ICK! Although the back of your head is very lovely…love the flower clip!

  2. Uhh, well, at least you aren't stalking me via it. I don't have the flower clip in my hair, dork.

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