Listy, Listing, Listless

  1. Oil change
  2. Haircut
  3. Clean out the damned car finally
  4. Pack
  5. Drive
  6. Party
  7. Work
  8. Work
  9. Work
  10. Party
Yup, I’m ready.  Chicago bound, we are, we are.  Fairly excited, will get to see more than the Rosemont or the airport this time!  Nothing like a road trip with good tunes and good people.  And a company credit card. And a reservation in a nice hotel (shhhhh, don’t you dare say bedbugs), and cute shoes, and summer dresses, and crap add pedicure to that list.  No worries, let’s do it.  One more full day of this thing we call work, then…it’s on!

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