Been eating and drinking pretty well here in Baltimore.  Family conflict however of course rears an ugly head.  Their new loft apartment is BRILLIANTLY gorgeous and everything you would expect from a luxury complex – young, hot, hungry yuppies everywhere you turn.  Great place to people watch and party, but I myself would not want to live in a place with bedrooms lacking a fourth WALL.  I find it hilarious that the bedrooms even have doors that lock, because, really, what’s the point?  I mean, gorgeous view of the harbor to fall out and wake up to, but certainly an apartment for singles or a couple without kids or roommates.  Or, very tolerant roommates if any.  Rich kids’ place.  Cute.  But…yeah.  A bit impractical for me, and that’s saying something.  And we’ve apparently outstayed our welcome, in one fairly prominent respect (as if.  you think I’ll call you for bail if I get picked up?  You think a lingering smell from my POCKET will cause you to fail a drug test?  BAD SCIENCE.  Not as though I’m taking bong rips in your living room).  Disrespect’s come back around in turn, of course, and to a certain extent I can respect house rules, but something tells me it’s about more than that, so I’m sorely tempted to make hotel reservations at an establishment closer to the airport for tomorrow night, and let my husband enjoy his birthday as he sees fit.  We did in fact take vacation days and buy plane tickets to be here, to help family move from one city and state to others, and I’m not making Mike spend hours of his day at Costco  (WELCOME, I LOVE YOU) so you can spend less on TP and paper towels all the while bitching about how much you have to pay in rent, and the extra for the pet deposit, and parking for your Jetta and truck nutz, and seafood dinners out AT YOUR SUGGESTION and on and on and on.  You’ve stood your ground, now we’ll quietly and respectfully stand ours.  Sweet dreams.  You snore.  Loudly.


2 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. suntzusays says:

    Bedrooms would be convenient. But I think I see where there are limitations. If I'm picturing the lack of a fourth wall correctly that is. Also, are you supposed to out people by name? I'm unclear on the transparency of the blog anymore. Question: If one of them just went through med school, how does the smell=fail drug test theory survive as a complaint?

  2. Who Mike? His name's all over this thing, and so is mine really first names anyway – I suppose I could go back to initials or pseudonyms, but I've also noticed people don't get far into archives, so it's probably more honest to just bury it…? And since people have found it by googling my full married name, I'm kind of not so worried about it. I guess she has to take one for the new job here. Still, I'm very unclear on what she LEARNED about drugs and drug testing in med school – other than that her class of residents thought it was hilarious to present a six pack of Vicodin per chair as an option to clear the waiting room in the ER. Because, you know, that's probably all most people waiting for medical treatment want anyway. That's where I landed on BAD SCIENTIST. Yeah, it's a loft place, so the fourth wall is a half-railing. Great view, poor acoustics for sleeping.

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