At least it’s not death.

Bear with me.  I’m going to work through some seriously mundane tax nonsense.  So.  We get this “subpoena” from the city saying we are ordered to appear because we didn’t file returns for ’07 and ’08.  Wait.  Not from the city.  From RITA.  Part of me realizes I could have just ignored it for a while, but what the hell.  They ordered me to appear on a Friday, so…yeah.  Half day!  Anyway…we go down there.  I figured it would be a revolving door kind of situation…waiting in line, yada yada yada.  Indeed.  So we get into an office instead of at the window (thank Thor for chairs, my back hurts…wow, I’m OLD), the woman was super nice and answered as many of my questions as she could…but basically, what I can gather is this:  despite having our address on file in surely several places (REAL ESTATE RECORDS?  ANYONE?), we apparently didn’t make it onto the right MAILING list in time to be mailed FORMS.  Or even, say, a LETTER, that might say…I don’t know….PLEASE GO TO THIS WEBSITE AND FILE A TAX RETURN.  So…even though we had more than enough cash to cover the percentage required withheld from our paychecks (we’d have gotten refunds if we’d have FILED), we got “credit” for having paid the tax.  And then had to pay $25 for each year.  So….right.  Super efficient bureaucracy.  It HAD to have cost more to wait until the audit, send the “subpoena,” and yada yada yada than it would have to maybe….mail a letter when we BOUGHT THE HOUSE.  Yikes.  I’m really not even annoyed with this.  It’s just hilarious.


4 thoughts on “At least it’s not death.

  1. suntzusays says:

    Governments and their bureaucracies. Remember, it takes 3 months for them to pick up a form. I'm not surprised it took them 2 years to figure out you lived somewhere. Especially considering I lived in the same town for almost 4 years and only ever filed the school district tax forms. 2 years after I lived there. Speaking of which… you might want to see if those have been filled out. That may be the next piece of mail, probably sometime next year.

  2. Hah! That's exactly what another part of the problem was – we paid enough to cover both the city and school taxes…but you couldn't tell how much of the withholdings went to each one…? Or something like that. She said it'd probably be another year before that audit comes through…but if it's less than $100 or so we might never hear from them. Stellar.

  3. Maybe. I think I was wearing running shoes though! Perhaps they're only good for running, not standing or walking? Go NIKE.

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