Okay, local person.  I SEE YOU.  I hope you are amused.  If you have malicious intent, say so.  If not, say so.  But it takes enough clicking around to find my cached twitter feed that still links here so you can spend HOURS going through archives, etc. that I’d think it’d be reasonable to LEAVE A COMMENT.  Or send me an email.  You’re creeping me out.  I don’t wanna go invite-only again, but I WILL.  THEN YOU SEE NOTHING.  Speak up, speak out. What the hell are you looking for?!?  There really isn’t a whole lot to see here.  You’re welcome to keep lurking, but it would be nice to know you’re not a real, live, stalkerish stalker.  Mkay?  Kthxbai.


9 thoughts on “HARK, WHO GOES THERE?

  1. suntzusays says:

    I pop by and don't comment on a number of occasions, but usually to cruise through to one of your linked blogs. I suppose it would be easier to link them myself on GR, but they're usually less likely to be on something I'd like to read about. Checking them once every couple weeks is good enough. Of course, I don't come here through the twitter feed either and I assume my IP is pretty well known.

  2. Yes, you're perfectly recognizable. This person appears to be using a dial up connection (different IP address each time, but same referring link). Maybe I'm just jealous and wish I had that much time to blog stalk. Whatever.

  3. Wait, scratch that. It's not dial up, but they're very specifically looking for ME. Shudder.

  4. suntzusays says:

    There are sensible reasons why I try to keep the facebook world separated from the blogger world. This might be one of them. People can stalk my rambling and lurk without commenting upon it or they can try to friend me in a digital sense on twitter (which is still an anonymous account) or facebook. They cannot do both things at the same time. I like it that way. But then again, I'm not likely to inspire much stalking when I'm pictureless and anti-social.

  5. Yeah, I vacillate far too much between caring and not caring who reads what I have to say. Hmmm. And…meh.

  6. suntzusays says:

    It's not that I care who reads what I have to say. For the most part I care only enough that some people perhaps do actually read it. Oddly enough. I suppose the fact that I occasionally dabble in some radical academic discourses would be troublesome for some audiences where they would have to clap their hands over their ears and eyes in shock and horror that I could even consider such things and hold a thought like that in my head. But this does not in fact actually bother me in the slightest that it might offend some people to talk about something. I prefer the distinct break mostly because I don't want people to comment on ME, as much as is possible to avoid it. I want them doing other things with their time spent around my written words. A union between the social networking and the blog doesn't serve that purpose of a "wall of separation", and it's a little easier to proceed in that way within that cloaking field of anonymity.

  7. Hmmm. Interesting distinction. I'm pretty deep in the narcissism well here, so it's not like I give much to comment on other than myself, usually. Meh. I guess I'm getting comfortable with my own paranoia, be it sensible or not. Whatever. Stalk away, stalker.

  8. suntzusays says:

    "Even paranoids have enemies"?

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