Who am I kidding? Two for the road.

This is a cover of a Grateful Dead song

As I was walkin’ down rubadub square
not a chill to the wind but a nip to the air
from another direction she was caught in my eye 
It could be an illusion but I might as well try
might as well try 

she had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes
and I knew without asking- she was into the blues
she wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls
I knew right away she was not like other girls
like other girls

Well I ain’t never been right as I ain’t never been wrong 
as heaven works out the way it does in this song (hey)
‘cuz once in awhile you get shown in the light in the strangest of places
if you look at it right 

It was the summer of love and I thank the stars above
because the woman took a lovin’ over me
and just to gain her trust I bought a microbus
because I sold off all my personal property

A tight tye-dye dress she was a psychadelic mess
we toured to the north, south, east, and west
we sold some mushroom tea we sold some ecstasy, we sold nitrous, opium,
acid, heroin, and pcp 

and now I hear the police comin’ after me
yes now I hear the police comin’ after me
the one scarlet with the flowers in her hair she’s got the police comin’
after me

but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with the way she moves
all scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues
and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with the love that’s in her eye
I had to learn the hard way just to let her pass by
let it pass by
oh just let her pass by

(lyrics/note via)

You’ve got your hair permed
You’ve got your red dress on
Screamin’ bout how second gear was such a turn on
And the fog forming on my window tells me that the morning here
And you’ll be gone before too long

Who taught you those new tricks?
Damn I shouldn’t start that talk,
but life is one big question when your starin at the clock
And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to Freedom,
so I’ll take that walk.

And I know that ohhhh…I’m not comin back
Ohh not going back
God knows not going back

You look so fine when you lie it just don’t show,
That I know which way the wind blows
40 oz to freedom is the only chance I have to feel good,
even though I feel bad

And I know that ohhhh…I’m not comin back
Ohh not going back
God knows I’m not going back
God knows I’m not going back

(lyrics via)

I seriously thought it went that second beer was such a turn on.  I crack myself up.  But I see it; I do miss driving a stick-shift.  Anyway, when I leave work on really bad days…if anybody else is left…I’ve in the past said (stolen from a coworker), “I’m leaving!  And I’m not coming back.  Until tomorrow.”  

And so it goes.   

Speaking of which (what?  I dunno), I was pondering earlier…and here’s where I lose the train of thought.  Oh  yes…something regarding the below, I’m sure…mmmhmmm.  Right!  Grandma.  I don’t have any pictures too easily uploadable from here, but there is one somewhere that I’ll never forget stumbling onto – a shot of her in her (guessing) late teens/early twenties on a barstool or the like (could have been a normal-height stool, she was tiny so it’d be hard to tell without someone/thing else in the picture), in the driveway (not the middle, like against the garage door), nearly falling off the chair in laughter, clutching a bottle of… Seagram’s?  Maybe.  Not sure what it was exactly, but it was HILARIOUS to give her a little grief (I was probably 15 or 16 when we found it flipping through an album of old, old pictures).  GRANDMA!  How OLD were you there?  She giggled as though she’d forgotten until that moment that the captured moment ever happened.  Or maybe she never remembered it, that’s why someone had to take a picture?  Gold.  I don’t remember what she said, but I hope someone still has that shot.  I’m getting all freaking sentimental.  It’s my parents’ anniversary; my sister’s getting married.  Blub.  Good people.  Salute!


3 thoughts on “Who am I kidding? Two for the road.

  1. joven says:

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  2. suntzusays says:

    Mmmm. Spam. Speaking of useless time wasting websites: http://www.kissthisguy.com/1160songsof-Sublime.htm

  3. PAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAA. I could spend too much time wasting time on that useless site. I love misheard stuff. On our family vacation last year to OBX we (I) got… 'Hawaiian Eyeballs' out of "Wine Highballs", thanks to some slightly too sweet Scuppernong we were cutting with Sprite and lemon wedges. Good times. Hawaiian Eyeballs….hahahhaaaaa. I guess you had to be there. But yes. Spam is ew.

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