Screw the pedicure.

Dammit.  This is why I hate Walmart:  I go in there, list of four things in my head.  Cookie sheets, nonstick aluminum foil, bandaids, nail polish.  Easy enough, right?  Noooo.  I have to get suckered into five tee shirts for five dollars, a big blue plastic storage tub, and…what else?  Maybe that was it.  But pantyhose?  NO.  Why would I think of that?  Who wears pantyhose?  Not me, apparently.  FAIL.  My big plan to dress for the weather tomorrow?  Doomed.

Oh!  That’s what it was.  They do sell booze.  At least the light stuff.  I’ll get barefoot (merlot, I believe…and I’m really out of practice with the waiter’s corkscrew.  Sad face.), but I’m apparently not going sockfree tomorrow.  It probably won’t even rain, since I actually thought about putting an umbrella in a useful place today.  Blergblergblerg.  Mkay.  Time to go shopping in my own closet.  Again.  Wish me luck.  Or skillz.  Or something.


4 thoughts on “Screw the pedicure.

  1. suntzusays says:

    I've learned how to limit my random purchases. But mostly it results in: I don't wander into a store for things other than food. Not needing to coat my legs with leggings of some sort helps. This is a good reason not to resort to colonial era fashions.

  2. LOL. It's not as cold as I thought this morning. I may still be able to just SHAVE them. Maybe. Hah.

  3. But yes, exactly. I do not shop, almost at all, like…ever, anymore. It helps. But it's depressing at the same time. So when I DO have to go into a store for a few things, I either have a panic attack (lettuce? Really, self, is it that stressful?) or buy a bunch of made in the third world CRAP.

  4. Also, I definitely did not need to shave my legs for that. Figuratively or literally. GOLD. Remind me at our next gathering for roasting animal flesh to tell this work story. It cannot be written. It must be spoken.

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