She knows me well.

So I text my mom this photo of a photo from my “memory book” that my parents put together for my high school graduation: 

What can I say?  Times are tough all over.  I’m going to be taking pictures of the flowers in the yard to send to Mike’s mom.  Silly.  But I actually do think it’s the thought that counts.  Anyway.  I sent it at…8:23 AM.  An hour plus later I get a text back saying simply, You are up early.  Hahahahaaaaaaaa.  Good one, Mom.  Hope I didn’t wake you!

I may be able to start a category called Shit My Mom Says.  Hilarious.


5 thoughts on “She knows me well.

  1. Bazarov says:

    There's a happy baby. Cute.

  2. That would be the best categorical venture ever.

  3. @baz – that's my bitch face. LOL.@amelia – yes, and I seriously think with all of ms. thang's wedding stuff, it might be a very good idea. Going to be good times!!!

  4. JayBee* says:

    sounds like something my mom would text me! lol love that pic! your mom still looks the same! well, i havent seen her in a bit but you know what i mean… and you! you were a doll baby! still are too… 😉 xo

  5. Aww, you're sweet! Yeah, she hardly texts at all, so to get a one-liner from her was priceless. We're not usually the morning people of the family!

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